Thursday, April 30, 2015

California Legislature Outdoor Sporting Caucus.

Today, I went with one of my coworkers from my internship to the California Legislature Outdoor Sporting Caucus that was sponsored by the California Waterfowl Association. I was super excited. This meant that many of the people there would be interested in policy. One of the many things that I am interested in doing when I graduate.

However, before we get to that. Since, I had my internship in the morning as well. I went and hung out at a friends house before the Reception. I really just hung out and did my homework with them. For doing homework it was a really fun time. Until I went to get my car almost 5 hours later to leave.

It turns out the one time we forget to put their parking permit on my car it got towed. We were pretty sure it was towed, but we had to call and make sure before any of us could go anywhere. So, I thought I was going to have to miss my reception. Which would of sucked and it didn't help that the answer service couldn't tell me if my car was towed or stolen.

She finally offered to call the tow truck drivers to see if anyone towed it. It turned out they had. So, it was good that my car wasn't stolen. However, it meant I had to pay $250 to get my car back which kind of sucked. My friends were nice enough to drop me off for my reception and to take me to my car this morning.

So, onto the fun part. The reception was a lot of older people which is totally what I expected. They were all people really concerned with laws pertaining to hunting and fishing. We actually didn't meet that many people, but everyone we met was very nice and friendly. I got some advice on where to look for event planning jobs. She told me non-profit associations are good because you plan events for the non-profit and are always interacting with the same people. This allows you to get to know everyone and where they like to sit and what they like to drink. Which makes their experience at the event that much more special to them.

 The food was really good. We were at Chops Steakhouse & Seafood Bar. So, I assume the food came from there. We only had appetizers, but I definitely recommend you go and let me know how it is. The event was surprising dark and lit with a lot of candles which I thought was kind of interesting. They had an open bar. So, I tried some Chardonnay, I wish I knew what kind it was because it was actually pretty good and I'm not usually a big fan of wine. However, Chardonnay is the wine I like the most.

That was my Wednesday. How was yours? Anything exciting happen?

Thoughts From Sam #4: When to get rid of clothing

I see this all over the place. When you're supposed to get rid of your clothing. And Everyone has a different way of doing it. So, here I've compiled a couple different ways of doing it. So, now you can have all these opinions in one place and decide for yourself what to do when you do your spring cleaning. These methods are all assuming that there are no defects with the clothing Items.

1. If you haven't worn it in a year. 
This is the idea that I think is the most popular. You haven't worn it in a year. So, the assumption is you no longer like it anymore and that you should throw it out. Therefore, freeing space for clothes you are actually going to wear in the near future. 

2. When you don't like an item anymore
This is how I like to clear my closet. You get rid of an item when you no longer like it. I could see how people would disagree. Why would you not wear an item you didn't like. I used to love my tribal print skirt and I still do. Don't get me wrong, but for some reason I just have no desire to wear it. And I think that's because it's been out worn for the time being. I've worn it to almost every type of event. I actually got this idea from J's Everyday Fashion.

3. Clothing you Love, but It Bothers you to Wear
How this works for me is. I love a clothing item and I'm like "Omg! Why don't I wear this more." And then I wear it for a day and I remember why. It doesn't fit exactly right and irritates me in certain areas. I should really get rid of them, but I think I usually just forget.

4. Does this Item Fit?
This one is really similar to the last one, but honestly. I'll keep clothes that don't fit hoping I'm going to fit into them at some point. This is when I use the one year rule. If they haven't fit me in the last yea. My body is probably just different now and it won't fit into them any time soon.

5. Would you Buy it Right this Second?
Personally, I don't really like this method because everyone has a different way of judging if they would buy an item. I understand that this probably isn't supposed to be 100% literal, but my purse which I love I wouldn't buy right this second because I don't have the money to buy a new purse right now. Anyways, the idea of this is if you wouldn't buy it right this second then you don't truly love it and you should throw it out.

I hope my list is helpful to you. I'm honestly extremely bad at decluttering my closet as well. I love to keep everything and when I do pick clothes to throw out. They somehow never make it to the donation place and end up back in my closet. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Outfits of the Week #1

For some reason this week I was in love with a couple of my outfits. It may have been because I finally got dressed for class and I was really excited about going to this Wine thing that I actually didn't end up getting to go to. Basically, towards the end of the week I actually wore real clothes this week and I loved it.

For some reason I saw these two pieces of clothing and I really wanted to wear them together. I was like super excited. I actually wore it with a black cardigan too. This is an all old navy outfit minus my converse of course.
Tank Top: Old Navy, 2 years ago
Pants: Old Navy Rockstar, 1 year ago
Shoes: Converse, 6 months

On Friday I went into my internship to help out for an extra day since I missed Monday. I've been dying to wear this oxford shirt, but I hadn't figured out how to style it yet. And i'm so thrilled with how this outfit turned out. I do slightly wish I had a statement necklace for it, but at the same time those aren't really me. This is more of a casual Friday outfit, but not everyone in the office dresses super fancy.
Top: American Eagle, 1 year ago
Pants: Banana Republic, recent
Shoes: Payless, Deflex Comfort, Recent

Saturday, I was super excited to go to this Wine thing in Sac, but I actually ended up not going. However, this is the outfit I wore all day in preparation. I love getting a little bit more dressed up sometimes.
Jacket: American Eagle, 2 years ago
Top: Tillys, 1 year ago
Pants: Old Navy Rockstars, 1 year ago
Wedges: Tillys, 2 years ago

The two outfits with the distressed denim I got the idea to wear with the new Polvore app Remix. I love this app. I sometimes have a hard time picturing clothes with pants, or jackets. This will show what to pair a specific type of shirt, pants, etc with. Basically, its style inspiration. I love it. It's still currently slightly in the Beta stage, but if you download it and get a code it comes pretty quickly. Or mine did. You can get the app here, but right now I think its only available for apple.

Side note: I added the black accessories to the mint tank top and distressed jeans on my own and I love the way it turned out. I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm usually pretty horrible at this type of thing. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Midtown Sacramento (100th Post!!!!)

I've been dying to try Barwest on a Thursday Night because I've heard its amazing. Which it was pretty amazing, I definitely want to go again, but next time we'll probably club after. It definitely didn't have a dance floor like my friend said it did.

However, we started the night at Monkey Bar which is like walking distance from Barwest. They couldn't stop talking about think Monkey Juice which they said was amazing. So, we went and we all got one. To be honest it wasn't bad it just wasn't the drink for me. It was a little to sugary, which, actually ended up being the theme of the night. Like half the drinks we had had a ridiculous amount of sugar. Monkey Bar has one pool table and Thursday Night is college night. So, with your college ID you get happy hour prices on everything.

After Monkey Bar we walked down to Barwest and you could tell it was packed as soon as we turned the corner. Which, I took as a great sign and it definitely was. It was a totally different vibe from the lsat time we went and I loved it. The place was packed and they were playing good music. The one downside was there was no dance floor like I said earlier. It would of made the place perfect. Mostly because I really wanted to dance.

On Thursday's until like 11 I want to say they have half of fish bowls. We tried to order one at like 11:15 and she said they were regular price. We did get one right when we got in it was like the Fruit Punch one. I don't remember the exact name, but it was pretty good, but it was super sugary. Like you couldn't taste the alcohol at all. I was a little doubtful if there was even any in there. However, that is probably the point. It's a "silent killer" or whatever people like to say about drink that sneak up on you. I wish I remembered the other drink we tried, but I can't for the life of me, but its something you could get in a fish bowl and it was also super sugary.

This night definitely made me realize sugary drinks are good, but not for me. I don't want to be able to taste the sugar. Like I love Red Bull Vodka, but I can't really taste the sugar in those. I could literally only taste sugar and I just didn't really like it.

What do you think about sugary drinks? Where do you go in Sac or the Bay? I love trying new places. So, give me some recommendations please.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Big Family Pictures

This is my last post from when my sisters were in town. Posting about them makes it seem like they're still here. I wish they were still. Well Amanda is still in California, but I don't think I'll see her again before she leaves. She's with her husbands family.

Today was a crazy busy day and by the end of it all I wanted to do was sleep for like ever. So, my sisters and I woke up and slowly prepared for the day. Well the three of us did. Amanda and David had to rush out of the house with the kids to get ready for the party and go to mass before the Baptism. Kristina, Rebecca and I on the other hand did not go to mass and leisurely got ready for the Baptism.

The Baptism was shorter then I thought it would be now that I look back at it. It may be because I've usually had to go to church first. I really don't know, but it was pretty short. After, since, my whole family was in town we all took family pictures. This is when the craziness kicked in. There are a ton of us and Rose was upset because she couldn't wear what she wanted to wear. Plus, everyone was all over the place. Note to self: this is why I'm only having one kid. So, much less chaos.

The pictures turned out really good. Our Uncle Ernie took them. I just wish we got different poses with the whole family. The picture would be amazing if everyone is looking. Actually, shockingly with as much was going on, I'm surprised almost everyone was looking, even the kids.

If you have a big family you probably know what a miracle this was. There was arguing and fighting both before, during, and after we took the picture. I wish I could give you tips on how to take a good family picture where everyone is happy, but honestly I don't have any. I currently don't think there are any tips. I would say maybe when we're older we'll get good ones, but then the nieces and nephews will probably be messing up the pictures. On the plus side at least we always have a story with a family picture. This person was upset for this reason or this happened. That part is pretty exciting.

I could however, definitely give you the steps of taking a family picture though.
1. The whole family is going to be in town. So, you plan to take family pictures.
2. Figuring out where and what we're going to wear.
3. Someone being unhappy about something.
4. Making that person happy, but accidentally making someone else kinda upset
5. Everyone sucking it up
6. Figuring out what you're all actually wearing.
7. The day of night before realizing someone didn't know what we were wearing for the picture.
8.Finally taking the picture, but said person in step 7 is still upset.

9. Done taking the picture
10. Someone wishing we took more or different poses etc, etc.

Basically a big family has a lot of drama when it comes to creating a family picture, but you can end up with a really good picture.

After the Baptism and pictures we all went back to my grandmas house for a party. We really all just hung out. It was really fun. Sorry, not much to post about there. And of course I had to take a picture with my Grandma, but this is my Grandma on my mom's side. The Party was at my step dad's mom's house.
This photo was taken by my sister.

All photos Courtesy of Uncle Ernie make sure you go check out his website.

Update: expect to see a Who's Who page appear soon. Now that I finally have pictures to show of my ginormous family.

Do you take family pictures? Do they have as much drama as mine?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Greenery- Saturday Night

I've never been to The Greenery (yes, its at a golf course) before, but Kristina has been a couple of times who we ran into there. The night we went they were celebrating the owners birthday. So, my review could be totally wrong. The place was pretty packed, but they were still all set up from the party and the bartender even told us it was a private party, but no one made us leave or anything.

So, we grabbed a table and hung out for a little bit before picking our songs. Which, may have been a bad idea because it was a crazy long wait to sing. I think it was like 30 minutes. All their regulars sing a bunch of songs, but they were all actually pretty good and the song Amanda and I sang we were terrible at. We sang "Sk8ter Boi" by Avril Lavigne.  I knew the song was fast, but I didn't realize it was that fast. So, I feel like we missed a bunch of the words.

That's me on the Left
Side Note: i've realized whenever I karaoke I think i know the words and the beat and then the song plays and I tend to not know like anything .maybe I'm just nervous or something, but I'm a lot better at singing when the words are playing and this never happens at karaoke. They should definitely start doing that for people who suck at karaoke like me.

Everyone else did pretty good. I don't know what Kristina and Charlie sang, but it was good minus the fact that you couldn't hear Kristina. We think she kept holding the microphone to far from her face because it happened again later when she sang with Rebecca.

Rebecca and Kristina sang "This Love" by Maroon 5. I love that song and from the sound of it the whole bar did because I feel like everyone sang with them. Which was super fun and definitely made me wish I chose a different song to sing. So, its definitely possible we didn't hear Kristina because the rest of us were too loud.

There drinks were decently priced, but my second drink the proportions seemed off. However, they had this special shot that was really good. It was like an Apple Whiskey or something like that. I really wish I remembered what it was. Kristina totally didn't like it, but she can't take shots in general.

It was a super fun night out with my sisters. I'm really happy Amanda and David decided to come. We were worried they wouldn't at first, but they did leave early which sucked a little, but David was sick, so, it makes sense. I wish my sisters all lived here so, we could more fun things together.

Where do you guys Karaoke? What songs do you like to sing?

Thoughts From Sam #3: Interviews

I've been scheduling, attending, and just in general talking to lots of people from various different companies recently. Looking for a job is crazy amounts of work. More work then I think I actually have time for right now. My classes are all really easy, but they all are quite a bit of work. I have no idea why I did that to myself. Anyways, I digress.

Pretty much anytime someone calls me from an unknown number. I have no idea who it is. So, I have to decide if I want to talk to someone about a job right this instance or if I want to wait and call them back later. Neither of them sound very exciting to me.

If I chose to answer the phone then there's the struggle of hearing which company they are with. Then most of the time they don't even tell you what position you applied for. When I spend time applying for jobs I usually apply to a bunch all at once. So, honestly, I probably didn't look at their company name. So, I have no recollection of what position I applied for this company and unless you ask them they generally don't inform you. So, if I forget to ask I then must go look up this company on the million of job websites I'm on.

Once you know what the company is about and what position you applied for its time to freak out about what to wear to the actual interview and stress about what you're saying. However, if you've gone to a couple hopefully you have your answers ready already and it won't be that bad. Interviewing is a lot about being yourself. That way you come off the most genuine. Plus, if you're me if you do the interview super nervous its not nearly as good as it could of been. However, it might also mean that that position just wasn't for you since you didn't feel comfortable.

Sorry, if this is just me ranting about applying for jobs, but applying for jobs and many different types of jobs at once is hard. You're constantly tweaking your cover letter and resumes and then when you finally talk to someone you have no idea what position they're talking about. So, am I telling a staffing agent what I want to do with the rest of my life or did I just tell the Marketing firm that I never want to work with them.

Basically ask questions. I haven't yet started doing it yet. So, this post is probably partially written for myself as much as you. haha.

What hints do you have about going to interviews? or applying to jobs?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Baseball, Sushi, and Pool!!

Xavier is on the Tigers
Saturday was our first of two full family days. I was really looking forward to it. I never get to see my two sisters. So, it was going to be a nice treat to be all together. However, there was a little bit of drama at lunch. First activity of the day was Xavier's baseball game. Somehow, I haven't been to one yet and Amanda has. I guess she went sometime last year and there was some reason I didn't go.

Anyways, I was really surprised about how good Xavier was. The way they described him playing I always thought he wasn't that good, but maybe he's grown a lot in the last year. Before they used to just tell me how he picked the grass in the outfield and stuff. I was really happy I finally got to see him play and just spend time with my family doing causal family things. This never happens, usually we're sight seeing in the city. 
After the baseball game we all went for lunch at My Sushi, Amanda even loves that place. I think she's only been like twice. I had a bento box. I just wasn't feeling sushi that day. Their bento boxes are kind of a let down. I never feel like they give me enough meat on my plate. The portion just always looks super tiny. My older sisters and their hubbies all got a sushi roll and they loved their rolls. So, the sushi there continues to be amazing. 

However, this is when the drama came in. I don't even know how we got on the topic, but this is why people don't talk about religion and politics it starts drama. It also doesn't help that our family is really big and loud in general in restaurants. So, without divulging too much about my political beliefs I will quickly summarize the situation. My family all had one view point on the situation and I had an opposing view point. And instead of listening to why I did not agree with them they would continually just attack me (or it felt like they were) every time I opened my mouth. Kristina tried to help me out and let me explain my view point, but it just wasn't working. Basically I just got super mad and ended up leaving because my family is crazy. 

I did end up going for a nice walk at Lime Ridge though. It was really relaxing. I made the horrible decision of not changing out of my pants though before going. It wasn't super hot it was just a little uncomfortable and I definitely needed to put shorts on after the walk. 

Then we all went for a nice little swim at the pool. Actually, most of us only went into the baby pool, but it was still really fun. Just to hang out with my niece and nephews. I had never see Ember or Hunter in the pool before. Hunter loved the water. It was so adorable. I made sure to take pictures with them all, but Ember was being a party pooper and she didn't want to. Amanda does take pictures of her everyday and that could be tiring. I can barely even take pictures of anything once a day. Actually a lot of days, I fail at it. 

Lastly, me and my sisters went out for Karaoke, but I'll tell you all about that in my next post. What do you and your family do on vacation? Are you super busy? Or do you just relax? 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Era Art Bar and Lounge - Friday Night

Before, Rebecca got here I was super excited to go out with her and drink and have a really fun time. But Thursday night she bailed and for some reason as it got later on Friday I was getting super tired and wasn't feeling like going out. However, it seemed like she wanted me to go with her so, I sucked it up and went. 
Which, I'm really happy about because I had a really fun night. Her friends were super chill and fun to hang out with. We went to Era Art Bar and Lounge in Oakland around 11 and it was pretty empty. So, I was thinking it wasn't gonna be that much fun, but if you go to a crappy place with the right people anywhere can be fun. 

However, it filled up really fast after we got there and it turned into a pretty good night. They played a good mix of old and new music I think. It wasn't top 40 or anything. I think they played Miley Cyrus- Party in the U.S.A at one point. Oh they played a remix kind of of it. It was actually a little disappointing because I was super into the song when they changed it. 

The lounge also had an upstairs with another bar, but when were there it wasn't open yet and we never went back up after the beginning of the night. It might of opened when the bar got more packed, but I can't say for sure. I can tell you that one of the bartenders did not know what a Bay Breeze was and my sister was a little upset because whatever he made her she didn't like. So, make sure your bartender knows what you're ordering or tell them if it tastes wrong. 

The bar was a lot of fun, but it wasn't my usual crowd of people. I think I had a really fun night because of the people I went with. I would definitely try it again to make sure. They did charge a $10 cover, but if you get on the guest list its free. So, that's definitely what I would do if I went again.

How many times do you need to try a spot before you know if you like? Do you ever know in one try if you like a place? 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Family Time

My two sisters came to visit this weekend Rebecca from Chicago and Amanda with her family from Maryland. Rebecca actually flew in Wednesday night and I got to see her Thursday night. We didn't really get to hang out until Friday though.

I was pretty busy with interviews all day and only got to meet with Rebecca for lunch. We went to Cheese Steak Shop. They make amazing Philly cheesesteaks. They're actually right around the corner from my parents house, but I haven't been able to go in awhile.

So, when my sister mentioned wanting to go while she was visiting it definitely satisfied a craving I didn't even know I had. I always get the mushroom and cheese one. It was amazing, I'm so happy we went. I got a whole meal, but there weren't enough fries and honestly they weren't that good either. Maybe it was just the day, but I'm definitely going to think twice before I get them next time.

I didn't see everyone until dinner time. We had pizza and wings for dinner from Round Table. It was normal pizza, nothing to write home about. After we ate we played some family games. My brother Daniel really wanted to play twister, but there wasn't nearly enough space for all of us. So, everyone younger then him: Rose, Xavier, and his girlfriend, and David, Amanda's husband played. Daniel wanted to play so bad, but he actually ended up losing. He was squished between his girlfriend and David and was getting stepped on like every 5 seconds and eventually fell. It was a really fun family moment.

After that we played Apples to Apples. I don't know what it was, but it just wasn't as fun as it was every other time I played. I don't know if its because there were 11 people playing or because I've played Cards Against Humanities, but for some reason I really didn't enjoy it that much. However, it was nice and fun to be with all my siblings for once and to spend time as a family. Lastly, my sister Rebecca and I went out Friday night, but I'll update you about that in a later post.

What do you do when your family gets all together? Is it calm or crazy and chaotic?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thoughts from Sam #2: Advice

Advice, we give it, we get it, but do we ever really use it. If you're my best friend Amanda, she'll say I never listen to it. However, what she really means is I never listen to a specific kind of advice, her advice about guys. (Side note: I listened yesterday. And for the record she never listens to my advice either about guys. It just comes up less because she's been in a relationship for like ever).

So, she has refused to give me advice on guys. However, advice about clothes she'll give me until I'm blue in the face. I often don't even want the advice by the end of it. Granted I ask her for both. So, the clothing one might just be my own fault.

Although, I rarely listen to her advice about guys it is not because I do not want her advice. It's because I want to do what I want to do. Just because we are asking for someone's advice does not mean we have to follow them and do exactly that. It means we would like their opinion on what we should do.

However, if you're me. You usually want verification that what you're doing is right and that you should do. She doesn't usually agree that I should do what I want to do. It does keep me from doing it for a little while. Sometimes, forever or until something else occurs. I don't intentionally ignore her advice, I listen to it. I just think her advice isn't the right advice for a lot of the time. Which, maybe I should stick to because now I'm in a weird situation.

What I'm saying is if you want to know someone else's advice. Ask, you should know the good and bad of what you do if you want to know because sometimes what you want could change, the actions you take could change. I think advice is always a good thing. Do I sometimes use it for the wrong purposes? Yes, but I'm also pretty sure in one of those psych or sociology classes Amanda took she said that the universal reason people ask for advice is to reinforce what they want to do.

Do you guys like to receive advice? Do you like to hand out advice when it appears the recipient never listens?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Weekend Roundup #6

Sorry, this post is so late. I legitimately forgot about it. I'm so behind in reading and lectures for class. i gotta get working on that stuff. So, that's what I was doing last night. Major senioritis 8 Weeks left, can't wait.

Anyways, my weekend started Thursday night. Well, it always does, but I actually did something fun. lol. But I do that slightly frequently. So, I went home because I have drill this weekend and i like to drive the least amount possible in a day.

I went out to Vinnie's again with some friends. It was crazy busy again, but we still had a ton of fun. We actually played pool. Which I've never done there with them. Two of them disappeared for part of the night and we didn't do any dancing. I haven't danced there in awhile which is actually kinda sad because despite how much I suck at it. I've kinda been wanting to do some salsa dancing. I'll have to ask one of them to dance with me next time.

After we went to La PiƱata and I had I actually don't know what I had, but I didn't really like. However, I was also really not hungry at all and felt kinda sick. It was weird.

I didn't do anything on Friday. Saturday, we went to one of the guys in our units family party. He invited everyone, the tacos were really good. However, it was kind of awkward because his whole family was there and then it was just a group of Marines.

Sunday, I was too tired to do anything after drill. I kind of wanted a drink, but no one was in town to go get one with me. So, I just drove down to Davis super tired. I did get In n Out on the way home though. That was really good.

Monday, April 13, 2015

No interesting post today

I had a post I wanted to go up today but I was so tired from drill this weekend all I could do was sleep. I didn't get back to Davis until like 10:30 or 11. I barely had time to catch up with my roommates before I fell asleep.

Honestly, I wanted to get home and crawl straight into bed, but of course despite me being ridiculously tired. I couldn't. But it worked out because my roommates and I got to catch up about our weekends. There's was a lot more fun then mine, but it's what I expected. 

Anyways, I hope you guys have a good Monday and aren't ridiculously exhausted like me. I woke up this morning worrying I was late. I thought my phone died. (I left my charger in San Jose. So, I have to go buy a new one.) Turns out I woke up early. So, then I went back to sleep and when my alarm went off again. I really wanted to do anything except wake up.

How was your weekend? And how's your Monday going?

Thursday, April 9, 2015

I Was the Kind of Kid Who...

The Daily Tay
I was the kind of kid who always had messy hair. I don't remember my hair looking that cray when I was little, but every random pictures shows it looking pretty cray cray. My hair isn't as messy here as it normally was. I'm the one in the blue tank top.

I was also the kid that never matched and insisted on wearing shorts in the cold SF winters. My mom had to ask the doctor about it.

I was the kid who ended up in the hospital on Christmas. Apparently my mom wasn't very happy about this one. 

I was the kid who was always picked on by my older sisters, but with love maybe. They're amazing now, they come with words of wisdom and encouragement. I wouldn't change it for the world.

I was the kid who loved Giants Baseball. This Giants Jersey still fits me. 

I was the kid who made her own lunch and ate everything with cheese. I still eat everything with cheese. 

I was the kid who was always worried about the future. I still am, but in a different way. 

I was the kid who's mom either didn't take enough pictures or who lost them all. 

Too bad photos weren't digital when I was little because I have like none on my computer. They're all home in Concord. I can like picture half the pictures. I wish I had them to share with you.

Join in and share how were you as a kid with The Daily Tay.

Easter Sunday!

So, Easter Sunday, which was four days ago now. My bad, but I had a long weekend. Sorry guys. This is mostly a picture post. I got to hang out with a lot of my mom's family. Everyone was down because we found out my grandma is sick and she might not be around for much longer. But she's been a strong woman her whole life and she will continue to be. She's at peace with it and so am I. I'll miss her dearly, but I know she's ready. So, it makes me feel a little bit better. She is 94. 

Anyways, I really didn't get many pictures with my family that wasn't my immediate family. Whoops!! Especially since a bunch of my cousins were visiting from Washington. Anyways, my family and I just hung out at Miwok Park in Novato and had family time. It was nice and peaceful. 

I totally wish I was wearing black leggings with this dress, but my sister liked it. So, maybe I'm just too close to it to judge.
Dress: Gap, borrowed
Leggings: Free Society, Gift
Shoes: my sister's
Jacket: Costco

This outfit also isn't helped by the fact that I took my grey cardigan off and traded it for my black jacket because it was so cold at the park. California is in a major drought and it decides to be cold and slightly rainy on the day we have a picnic. The irony. 

Anyways,The amazing thing about having so many sister is you can always raid someone else's closet. My sister was super mad that I didn't bring more clothes home. How was I supposed to know what she needed for her outfit. I didn't even know what I needed. Silly me. I know. 

We actually wanted this picture of my nephew, but he got off the rock too fast because he was being a party pooper and not wanting to take a picture. So, my sister told me to stand on the rock and be Captain Morgan with my Corona. lol. That's exactly what I half attempted to do. 

P.S. It turns out my family takes millions of pictures, but that none of them are on my phone. That's probably good though because the family picture we took I really didn't like. My hair looked funny. I included this photo because I thought it was absolutely hilarious. So, I hope you enjoy it. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Downtown Walnut Creek

Saturday afternoon I hung out with my friend Rico in Downtown Walnut Creek. I introduced him to San Francisco Creamery years ago, and he loves me for it. They make their ice cream on site, I'm like 99% sure they do at least. I personally love the ice cream, it is one of my favorites. So, its always a nice little treat whenever I go.

We went around 1 or 2 and for some reason I hadn't eaten all day. I normally get a hamburger when I'm there, but a hamburger sounded too filling to eat delicious ice cream afterwards. So, I got a grilled cheese which I normally love and I even added some avocado to make it extra good. However, the middle of the grilled cheese wasn't melted enough and my avocado fell out. It in general just wasn't that good. So, I definitely won't be ordering that again.
However, my ice cream was amazingly delicious like normal. I got mint chocolate chip with chocolate syrup. It's amazing and what I always get. Sadly, I'm pretty predictable and that is what I always get. I didn't even need a menu to order it.

After that Rico and I went shopping around Downtown. Well not really shopping, I really just went to Nordstrom to look for new work pumps. And I think I found the perfect pair, Charles by Charles David, but sadly they didn't have my size. So, I'm praying a 7 will come in soon and that they will fit. The size 7.5 was just a little too big.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A "J" Kind of Night

Friday Night I went to two places in Downtown Concord or near it. DJ Bistro and EJ Phairs. I didn't realize they were both J places until I started to write this post. It's kind of funny isn't it? Anyways, I tried two new beers that I definitely enjoyed and will get again. Sorry, that there are no pictures. I'm horrible, I know.

I started the night by joining my cousin N and his friends for drinks at DJ Bistro. They ate before I got there. They told me it was really good, but I don't know first hand. So, don't quote me on it. It is however, a cute little German restaurant on the outside of Downtown Concord. I can't wait to go back and try the food.

I did try one of the beers though. It was a Pilsner they have on tap there. I'm not a big fan of beer, but I definitely think I'm getting more acquainted with it because I loved the Pilsner. It was a complete shock to me, but it was a light beer which I like better then anything else. And I'm pretty sure it was like 5 dollars for the beer which was in a .5 liter glass.

After I joined one of my high school friends W at EJ Phairs. I thought he was there with friends, but it turns out almost every Friday he just hangs out there and watches the games. He knows the bartender. I don't know why, but I think knowing the bartender is pretty cool. I go to some bars pretty often and always have the same bartender. Yet, I don't know them, maybe its because I only go when its really busy?

Anyways, at EJ Phairs. I tried the wheat beer they had on tap and it was way to wheat like. Definitely didn't like it. It didn't taste like beer though. Everyone always gives me a funny look when I say that, but I can't explain it, beer just has a specific taste that I don't like to taste. Anyways, so, then I told her "I like light beers, but maybe ones that aren't wheatie." I've had beers that tasted like that before and I didn't like them. So, then she had me try the So I Bitter they have on tap. It was really good. I think I like the Pilsner better. I attempted to mention that to her, but its either a type of beer or they don't have it on tap there because she had no idea what I was talking about.

If you didn't realize I know very little about beer. However, I think I finally know what kind I like or what I should at least try to look for on the menu. So, yay!!! I'm actually really excited because I always just order a Corona because that's what I know and it is delicious. You should definitely get it with a lime though because it is noticeably different without one.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Red 88 - Thursday Night

Thursday Night feels like forever ago. But anyway here's my recap.

In Davis we almost always hit mojito night first (Bistro 33), but I met one of my friends out and he was actually at Red 88. I was a little confused, but everyone was pretty crowded. It was the first week of spring quarter. So, it makes sense, the warmer weather, no one has started stressing yet. Basically everything to lead everyone to want to be out.

I've only been to Red 88 a couple times and its always been for like a quick second. It's a chill place to sit down and have a drink and talk to friends. But its Davis, so you're bound to run into someone you know. I met my friend there and he was with some of his friends. 

I've never really been to Red 88, but I noticed that it was super busy. I think people just stop in for a drink though and then go to another bar. I noticed that there were a lot of asians at the bar. I made a comment to my friend and he was just like "Yea, I like it." or something like that. Crazy guys. At Red 88 they had an FML. I'm not really sure what's in it, but its supposed to have a lot of alcohol. One of my friends' friend didn't like his. I tried it and it was pretty good. 

After that, we went to Tres for a little bit, but we didn't stay to long. They ran into some girl friends of there's and they were headed to mojito night. So, at like 11:30 maybe later we finally went to mojito night. Thank goodness they knew the bouncer and we didn't have to wait to get in because that line was ridiculously long. It would of taken forever for us to get in. 

Bistro was a lot of fun. Everyone was seriously out on Thursday. I ran into a ton of people. Which like I said earlier isn't super uncommon, but it was literally like every 5 seconds I saw someone I knew. Which, is exactly why my friend wanted to leave. He said that the bar was way too crowded and he just wanted to dance, but for some reason he refused to dance in city hall. Which is the small club attached to Bistro, you can go from one to the other. There are just two entrances.

In case you're wondering why I'm dressed like that. My friend invited me out at the last minute. I hadn't seen him in forever and we always just seem to not be free at the same time. I really wasn't in the mood to get dressed up and go out and he was leaving like ASAP. So, I just threw on a shirt that I thought would be cute and hoped my hair didn't look too bad. I really hope my shirt wasn't as bad as it's pictured here. Basically, I definitely think I will continue to not wear my hair in a ponytail when I go out at night. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Graduation Dress

Last week I ordered two dressed for graduation. I was super excited to get them and try them. I absolutely could not wait to try them. So... of course the second they came in the mail I threw them on. If you happy to still buy junior dresses every now and then like I do. You may need to go up a size. I'm not gonna tell you what size I had to order because I find it embarrassing, but side note it has nothing to do with you. It's just junior sizing.  Knowing that only made me feel a little better though. Anyways, on to the dresses. 

I ordered two strapless dresses. i tried on the one I liked more first. I didn't like it as much as I liked it in store, but I didn't hate it either. I felt like it made my chest look a little chubby and it was tight around my rib cage, but i've also gained a little weight lately. So, I'm really hoping its just that and maybe it will get me to go to the gym. 

The other dress I didn't even take a picture in. It had this weird tulle thing underneath the skirt that I knew I would be excruciatingly hot in in the middle of June. So, there was no way i was gonna wear that. So, I immediately threw it back into the box. It also didn't help that the tulle fell in a weird place and just made my back side look funny. 

So... I couldn't decide how much I liked my dress. So, I showed my roommates and they liked it. I sent pictures to my friends and they liked it. Amanda my friend said it looked better on me then the catalog picture I sent her. My sister Kristina liked it, but my sister Rebecca said it didn't flatter me. So, despite that everyone else liked this totally bothered me and I really wanted a different dress now. I was contemplating still casually looking, but now I'm so confused about the dress. 

So, what I could really use if you guys were so kind. Is if you could tell me what you think of the dress? Do you think it looks good on me? I accept brutal honesty. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Random Thoughts from Sam #1

I haven't really been up to much. Just settling into the last classes I will hopefully ever have to take. I'm mildly contemplating taking a paralegal course. It's something I've thought of doing since I wanted to be a lawyer. I no longer want to be a lawyer, but for some reason the thought of not being a paralegal has never crossed my mind. It was originally a stepping stone to deciding if I still wanted to go to law school and what kind of law I wanted to do. However, now it just sounds like something I might like to do. Anyways, onto some other thoughts: Taxes and High School. These are both posts I started during Spring Break and never got around to finishing. I was gonna post them as a stand alone, but I couldn't make them long enough.

During Spring Break, I was supposed to do my taxes. Well, actually I did them. I'm just waiting for this paper to come in from my bank to finish them. Tax season for me means procrastinating doing my taxes. My job has absolutely nothing to do with taxes, therefore its not any busier then normal during tax season.

However, they're really just a dread to do and stress me out immensely. But I'll get that paper this weekend when I'm hope for Easter. I'll enter it into turbo tax and then I'll be done and just waiting for my tax return. I can't wait.

High School
I graduated from high school 5 years ago. It feels like a lifetime ago. However, lately I feel like I run into high school everywhere. It doesn't help that my little brother and sister go to my high school. I had to pick them up from school the other day. It was a major flashback. If I'm not going to the school. There's almost no reason why I'm even near the high school.

I drove past the ice cream truck. Amanda and I hated ice cream trucks in high school. This ice cream truck one day literally drove past us like 3 times and never stopped to give us ice cream. We were super annoyed. We had a saying for it and everything, but I don't remember what it was. I just remember vowing never to buy ice cream from him again.

And the next day we went to the shopping center down the street from school and got a whole pint of ice cream each and ate it on the walk home. It was seriously way to much ice cream. By the time we got to her house. I think we went to her house our stomachs hurt and we couldn't eat anything else. I'm pretty sure we then vowed to never do that again. But I'm pretty sure whenever I eat ice cream now, its probably close to a pint. I'm not really sure though at school I eat it right out of the carton and it's a quarter size I think. If you can't tell I love ice cream.

This is one of my favorite pictures from my high school graduation. It's just a silly picture and I think it describes me pretty well. I was rocking my converse even back then. I think I was being tickled and if I wasn't that's not weird either, I tend to laugh at the most random things.

Anyways, whats been on your minds lately?