Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Baseball, Sushi, and Pool!!

Xavier is on the Tigers
Saturday was our first of two full family days. I was really looking forward to it. I never get to see my two sisters. So, it was going to be a nice treat to be all together. However, there was a little bit of drama at lunch. First activity of the day was Xavier's baseball game. Somehow, I haven't been to one yet and Amanda has. I guess she went sometime last year and there was some reason I didn't go.

Anyways, I was really surprised about how good Xavier was. The way they described him playing I always thought he wasn't that good, but maybe he's grown a lot in the last year. Before they used to just tell me how he picked the grass in the outfield and stuff. I was really happy I finally got to see him play and just spend time with my family doing causal family things. This never happens, usually we're sight seeing in the city. 
After the baseball game we all went for lunch at My Sushi, Amanda even loves that place. I think she's only been like twice. I had a bento box. I just wasn't feeling sushi that day. Their bento boxes are kind of a let down. I never feel like they give me enough meat on my plate. The portion just always looks super tiny. My older sisters and their hubbies all got a sushi roll and they loved their rolls. So, the sushi there continues to be amazing. 

However, this is when the drama came in. I don't even know how we got on the topic, but this is why people don't talk about religion and politics it starts drama. It also doesn't help that our family is really big and loud in general in restaurants. So, without divulging too much about my political beliefs I will quickly summarize the situation. My family all had one view point on the situation and I had an opposing view point. And instead of listening to why I did not agree with them they would continually just attack me (or it felt like they were) every time I opened my mouth. Kristina tried to help me out and let me explain my view point, but it just wasn't working. Basically I just got super mad and ended up leaving because my family is crazy. 

I did end up going for a nice walk at Lime Ridge though. It was really relaxing. I made the horrible decision of not changing out of my pants though before going. It wasn't super hot it was just a little uncomfortable and I definitely needed to put shorts on after the walk. 

Then we all went for a nice little swim at the pool. Actually, most of us only went into the baby pool, but it was still really fun. Just to hang out with my niece and nephews. I had never see Ember or Hunter in the pool before. Hunter loved the water. It was so adorable. I made sure to take pictures with them all, but Ember was being a party pooper and she didn't want to. Amanda does take pictures of her everyday and that could be tiring. I can barely even take pictures of anything once a day. Actually a lot of days, I fail at it. 

Lastly, me and my sisters went out for Karaoke, but I'll tell you all about that in my next post. What do you and your family do on vacation? Are you super busy? Or do you just relax? 

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