Thursday, April 30, 2015

California Legislature Outdoor Sporting Caucus.

Today, I went with one of my coworkers from my internship to the California Legislature Outdoor Sporting Caucus that was sponsored by the California Waterfowl Association. I was super excited. This meant that many of the people there would be interested in policy. One of the many things that I am interested in doing when I graduate.

However, before we get to that. Since, I had my internship in the morning as well. I went and hung out at a friends house before the Reception. I really just hung out and did my homework with them. For doing homework it was a really fun time. Until I went to get my car almost 5 hours later to leave.

It turns out the one time we forget to put their parking permit on my car it got towed. We were pretty sure it was towed, but we had to call and make sure before any of us could go anywhere. So, I thought I was going to have to miss my reception. Which would of sucked and it didn't help that the answer service couldn't tell me if my car was towed or stolen.

She finally offered to call the tow truck drivers to see if anyone towed it. It turned out they had. So, it was good that my car wasn't stolen. However, it meant I had to pay $250 to get my car back which kind of sucked. My friends were nice enough to drop me off for my reception and to take me to my car this morning.

So, onto the fun part. The reception was a lot of older people which is totally what I expected. They were all people really concerned with laws pertaining to hunting and fishing. We actually didn't meet that many people, but everyone we met was very nice and friendly. I got some advice on where to look for event planning jobs. She told me non-profit associations are good because you plan events for the non-profit and are always interacting with the same people. This allows you to get to know everyone and where they like to sit and what they like to drink. Which makes their experience at the event that much more special to them.

 The food was really good. We were at Chops Steakhouse & Seafood Bar. So, I assume the food came from there. We only had appetizers, but I definitely recommend you go and let me know how it is. The event was surprising dark and lit with a lot of candles which I thought was kind of interesting. They had an open bar. So, I tried some Chardonnay, I wish I knew what kind it was because it was actually pretty good and I'm not usually a big fan of wine. However, Chardonnay is the wine I like the most.

That was my Wednesday. How was yours? Anything exciting happen?

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