Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Downtown Walnut Creek

Saturday afternoon I hung out with my friend Rico in Downtown Walnut Creek. I introduced him to San Francisco Creamery years ago, and he loves me for it. They make their ice cream on site, I'm like 99% sure they do at least. I personally love the ice cream, it is one of my favorites. So, its always a nice little treat whenever I go.

We went around 1 or 2 and for some reason I hadn't eaten all day. I normally get a hamburger when I'm there, but a hamburger sounded too filling to eat delicious ice cream afterwards. So, I got a grilled cheese which I normally love and I even added some avocado to make it extra good. However, the middle of the grilled cheese wasn't melted enough and my avocado fell out. It in general just wasn't that good. So, I definitely won't be ordering that again.
However, my ice cream was amazingly delicious like normal. I got mint chocolate chip with chocolate syrup. It's amazing and what I always get. Sadly, I'm pretty predictable and that is what I always get. I didn't even need a menu to order it.

After that Rico and I went shopping around Downtown. Well not really shopping, I really just went to Nordstrom to look for new work pumps. And I think I found the perfect pair, Charles by Charles David, but sadly they didn't have my size. So, I'm praying a 7 will come in soon and that they will fit. The size 7.5 was just a little too big.


  1. It's true, I do love you for introducing me to SF Creamery. So good. So, so good.

    1. My first ever comment. Thank You. And i know you always want to go there when I'm home. lol.