Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter Sunday!

So, Easter Sunday, which was four days ago now. My bad, but I had a long weekend. Sorry guys. This is mostly a picture post. I got to hang out with a lot of my mom's family. Everyone was down because we found out my grandma is sick and she might not be around for much longer. But she's been a strong woman her whole life and she will continue to be. She's at peace with it and so am I. I'll miss her dearly, but I know she's ready. So, it makes me feel a little bit better. She is 94. 

Anyways, I really didn't get many pictures with my family that wasn't my immediate family. Whoops!! Especially since a bunch of my cousins were visiting from Washington. Anyways, my family and I just hung out at Miwok Park in Novato and had family time. It was nice and peaceful. 

I totally wish I was wearing black leggings with this dress, but my sister liked it. So, maybe I'm just too close to it to judge.
Dress: Gap, borrowed
Leggings: Free Society, Gift
Shoes: my sister's
Jacket: Costco

This outfit also isn't helped by the fact that I took my grey cardigan off and traded it for my black jacket because it was so cold at the park. California is in a major drought and it decides to be cold and slightly rainy on the day we have a picnic. The irony. 

Anyways,The amazing thing about having so many sister is you can always raid someone else's closet. My sister was super mad that I didn't bring more clothes home. How was I supposed to know what she needed for her outfit. I didn't even know what I needed. Silly me. I know. 

We actually wanted this picture of my nephew, but he got off the rock too fast because he was being a party pooper and not wanting to take a picture. So, my sister told me to stand on the rock and be Captain Morgan with my Corona. lol. That's exactly what I half attempted to do. 

P.S. It turns out my family takes millions of pictures, but that none of them are on my phone. That's probably good though because the family picture we took I really didn't like. My hair looked funny. I included this photo because I thought it was absolutely hilarious. So, I hope you enjoy it. 

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