Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Outfits of the Week #1

For some reason this week I was in love with a couple of my outfits. It may have been because I finally got dressed for class and I was really excited about going to this Wine thing that I actually didn't end up getting to go to. Basically, towards the end of the week I actually wore real clothes this week and I loved it.

For some reason I saw these two pieces of clothing and I really wanted to wear them together. I was like super excited. I actually wore it with a black cardigan too. This is an all old navy outfit minus my converse of course.
Tank Top: Old Navy, 2 years ago
Pants: Old Navy Rockstar, 1 year ago
Shoes: Converse, 6 months

On Friday I went into my internship to help out for an extra day since I missed Monday. I've been dying to wear this oxford shirt, but I hadn't figured out how to style it yet. And i'm so thrilled with how this outfit turned out. I do slightly wish I had a statement necklace for it, but at the same time those aren't really me. This is more of a casual Friday outfit, but not everyone in the office dresses super fancy.
Top: American Eagle, 1 year ago
Pants: Banana Republic, recent
Shoes: Payless, Deflex Comfort, Recent

Saturday, I was super excited to go to this Wine thing in Sac, but I actually ended up not going. However, this is the outfit I wore all day in preparation. I love getting a little bit more dressed up sometimes.
Jacket: American Eagle, 2 years ago
Top: Tillys, 1 year ago
Pants: Old Navy Rockstars, 1 year ago
Wedges: Tillys, 2 years ago

The two outfits with the distressed denim I got the idea to wear with the new Polvore app Remix. I love this app. I sometimes have a hard time picturing clothes with pants, or jackets. This will show what to pair a specific type of shirt, pants, etc with. Basically, its style inspiration. I love it. It's still currently slightly in the Beta stage, but if you download it and get a code it comes pretty quickly. Or mine did. You can get the app here, but right now I think its only available for apple.

Side note: I added the black accessories to the mint tank top and distressed jeans on my own and I love the way it turned out. I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm usually pretty horrible at this type of thing. 

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