Monday, April 6, 2015

Red 88 - Thursday Night

Thursday Night feels like forever ago. But anyway here's my recap.

In Davis we almost always hit mojito night first (Bistro 33), but I met one of my friends out and he was actually at Red 88. I was a little confused, but everyone was pretty crowded. It was the first week of spring quarter. So, it makes sense, the warmer weather, no one has started stressing yet. Basically everything to lead everyone to want to be out.

I've only been to Red 88 a couple times and its always been for like a quick second. It's a chill place to sit down and have a drink and talk to friends. But its Davis, so you're bound to run into someone you know. I met my friend there and he was with some of his friends. 

I've never really been to Red 88, but I noticed that it was super busy. I think people just stop in for a drink though and then go to another bar. I noticed that there were a lot of asians at the bar. I made a comment to my friend and he was just like "Yea, I like it." or something like that. Crazy guys. At Red 88 they had an FML. I'm not really sure what's in it, but its supposed to have a lot of alcohol. One of my friends' friend didn't like his. I tried it and it was pretty good. 

After that, we went to Tres for a little bit, but we didn't stay to long. They ran into some girl friends of there's and they were headed to mojito night. So, at like 11:30 maybe later we finally went to mojito night. Thank goodness they knew the bouncer and we didn't have to wait to get in because that line was ridiculously long. It would of taken forever for us to get in. 

Bistro was a lot of fun. Everyone was seriously out on Thursday. I ran into a ton of people. Which like I said earlier isn't super uncommon, but it was literally like every 5 seconds I saw someone I knew. Which, is exactly why my friend wanted to leave. He said that the bar was way too crowded and he just wanted to dance, but for some reason he refused to dance in city hall. Which is the small club attached to Bistro, you can go from one to the other. There are just two entrances.

In case you're wondering why I'm dressed like that. My friend invited me out at the last minute. I hadn't seen him in forever and we always just seem to not be free at the same time. I really wasn't in the mood to get dressed up and go out and he was leaving like ASAP. So, I just threw on a shirt that I thought would be cute and hoped my hair didn't look too bad. I really hope my shirt wasn't as bad as it's pictured here. Basically, I definitely think I will continue to not wear my hair in a ponytail when I go out at night. 

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