Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Greenery- Saturday Night

I've never been to The Greenery (yes, its at a golf course) before, but Kristina has been a couple of times who we ran into there. The night we went they were celebrating the owners birthday. So, my review could be totally wrong. The place was pretty packed, but they were still all set up from the party and the bartender even told us it was a private party, but no one made us leave or anything.

So, we grabbed a table and hung out for a little bit before picking our songs. Which, may have been a bad idea because it was a crazy long wait to sing. I think it was like 30 minutes. All their regulars sing a bunch of songs, but they were all actually pretty good and the song Amanda and I sang we were terrible at. We sang "Sk8ter Boi" by Avril Lavigne.  I knew the song was fast, but I didn't realize it was that fast. So, I feel like we missed a bunch of the words.

That's me on the Left
Side Note: i've realized whenever I karaoke I think i know the words and the beat and then the song plays and I tend to not know like anything .maybe I'm just nervous or something, but I'm a lot better at singing when the words are playing and this never happens at karaoke. They should definitely start doing that for people who suck at karaoke like me.

Everyone else did pretty good. I don't know what Kristina and Charlie sang, but it was good minus the fact that you couldn't hear Kristina. We think she kept holding the microphone to far from her face because it happened again later when she sang with Rebecca.

Rebecca and Kristina sang "This Love" by Maroon 5. I love that song and from the sound of it the whole bar did because I feel like everyone sang with them. Which was super fun and definitely made me wish I chose a different song to sing. So, its definitely possible we didn't hear Kristina because the rest of us were too loud.

There drinks were decently priced, but my second drink the proportions seemed off. However, they had this special shot that was really good. It was like an Apple Whiskey or something like that. I really wish I remembered what it was. Kristina totally didn't like it, but she can't take shots in general.

It was a super fun night out with my sisters. I'm really happy Amanda and David decided to come. We were worried they wouldn't at first, but they did leave early which sucked a little, but David was sick, so, it makes sense. I wish my sisters all lived here so, we could more fun things together.

Where do you guys Karaoke? What songs do you like to sing?

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