Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thoughts From Sam #4: When to get rid of clothing

I see this all over the place. When you're supposed to get rid of your clothing. And Everyone has a different way of doing it. So, here I've compiled a couple different ways of doing it. So, now you can have all these opinions in one place and decide for yourself what to do when you do your spring cleaning. These methods are all assuming that there are no defects with the clothing Items.

1. If you haven't worn it in a year. 
This is the idea that I think is the most popular. You haven't worn it in a year. So, the assumption is you no longer like it anymore and that you should throw it out. Therefore, freeing space for clothes you are actually going to wear in the near future. 

2. When you don't like an item anymore
This is how I like to clear my closet. You get rid of an item when you no longer like it. I could see how people would disagree. Why would you not wear an item you didn't like. I used to love my tribal print skirt and I still do. Don't get me wrong, but for some reason I just have no desire to wear it. And I think that's because it's been out worn for the time being. I've worn it to almost every type of event. I actually got this idea from J's Everyday Fashion.

3. Clothing you Love, but It Bothers you to Wear
How this works for me is. I love a clothing item and I'm like "Omg! Why don't I wear this more." And then I wear it for a day and I remember why. It doesn't fit exactly right and irritates me in certain areas. I should really get rid of them, but I think I usually just forget.

4. Does this Item Fit?
This one is really similar to the last one, but honestly. I'll keep clothes that don't fit hoping I'm going to fit into them at some point. This is when I use the one year rule. If they haven't fit me in the last yea. My body is probably just different now and it won't fit into them any time soon.

5. Would you Buy it Right this Second?
Personally, I don't really like this method because everyone has a different way of judging if they would buy an item. I understand that this probably isn't supposed to be 100% literal, but my purse which I love I wouldn't buy right this second because I don't have the money to buy a new purse right now. Anyways, the idea of this is if you wouldn't buy it right this second then you don't truly love it and you should throw it out.

I hope my list is helpful to you. I'm honestly extremely bad at decluttering my closet as well. I love to keep everything and when I do pick clothes to throw out. They somehow never make it to the donation place and end up back in my closet. 

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