Thursday, April 2, 2015

Random Thoughts from Sam #1

I haven't really been up to much. Just settling into the last classes I will hopefully ever have to take. I'm mildly contemplating taking a paralegal course. It's something I've thought of doing since I wanted to be a lawyer. I no longer want to be a lawyer, but for some reason the thought of not being a paralegal has never crossed my mind. It was originally a stepping stone to deciding if I still wanted to go to law school and what kind of law I wanted to do. However, now it just sounds like something I might like to do. Anyways, onto some other thoughts: Taxes and High School. These are both posts I started during Spring Break and never got around to finishing. I was gonna post them as a stand alone, but I couldn't make them long enough.

During Spring Break, I was supposed to do my taxes. Well, actually I did them. I'm just waiting for this paper to come in from my bank to finish them. Tax season for me means procrastinating doing my taxes. My job has absolutely nothing to do with taxes, therefore its not any busier then normal during tax season.

However, they're really just a dread to do and stress me out immensely. But I'll get that paper this weekend when I'm hope for Easter. I'll enter it into turbo tax and then I'll be done and just waiting for my tax return. I can't wait.

High School
I graduated from high school 5 years ago. It feels like a lifetime ago. However, lately I feel like I run into high school everywhere. It doesn't help that my little brother and sister go to my high school. I had to pick them up from school the other day. It was a major flashback. If I'm not going to the school. There's almost no reason why I'm even near the high school.

I drove past the ice cream truck. Amanda and I hated ice cream trucks in high school. This ice cream truck one day literally drove past us like 3 times and never stopped to give us ice cream. We were super annoyed. We had a saying for it and everything, but I don't remember what it was. I just remember vowing never to buy ice cream from him again.

And the next day we went to the shopping center down the street from school and got a whole pint of ice cream each and ate it on the walk home. It was seriously way to much ice cream. By the time we got to her house. I think we went to her house our stomachs hurt and we couldn't eat anything else. I'm pretty sure we then vowed to never do that again. But I'm pretty sure whenever I eat ice cream now, its probably close to a pint. I'm not really sure though at school I eat it right out of the carton and it's a quarter size I think. If you can't tell I love ice cream.

This is one of my favorite pictures from my high school graduation. It's just a silly picture and I think it describes me pretty well. I was rocking my converse even back then. I think I was being tickled and if I wasn't that's not weird either, I tend to laugh at the most random things.

Anyways, whats been on your minds lately?

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