Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Monday Night- Trivia Night

Keith an Jessica
Monday Night was my friend Jessica's birthday. She just wanted a low key hang out. So, we went to trivia night at G Street Wunderbar. It was actually pretty fun compared to some of the other ones we have been to in Davis.

When we first got there the bar was pretty empty. However, by the time the game started all the tables  had a team. For a Monday night 8 teams is a pretty good amount. Granted its nothing like Sophia's, but it was decent. Plus, the questions were a lot easier then Sophia's. So, that was nice. If you guys didn't know yet. I'm horrible at trivia. I'm really just the weak link on the team. However, I did know like 2 questions last night. 

The host for trivia night was pretty fun. He interacted with the crowd a lot, but I think its because a couple of the groups he was friends with or are regulars. He made quite a few sexual comments though which I think we could of done without. But he did keep it light and fun. The hosts at all the other one's I have been to mostly just say the questions and then move onto the next. So, if you don't know any. You're kinda just bored.

At this trivia night they also have a lot of bonus questions. Which if you get them right you get a free beer which is pretty cool. The bonus question is usually a little bit harder then all the other questions though. Which means I'd never have a chance at winning, but its all for fun. So, whatever. Jessica said I should know the baseball questions. They asked a question about the giants. About Willie Mays of all people and I didn't know the answer. It was pretty sad. 

We also got some appetizers because I didn't really have dinner and there's a $15 minimum on cards. So, i might as well get my french fries if I have to spend the money anyways. The french fries were good, but I think I would have liked them better without their special seasoning. We also got some wings which were pretty good. After a couple they made my mouth a little hot though, but if you're a person that likes spicy or hot food you'll probably be totally fine. I'm trying to get my taste buds to like those types of food. I used to not be able to eat them at all.

Lastly, Trivia Night requires a drink per person. I got a Pivo Pilsner, which they have on tap and the bartender suggested it. It was pretty good, if it wasn't $6 I would get it again, but i think my Corona would of been cheaper. However, since I had to spend $15 dollars anyways, I guess it really doesn't matter. All in all Trivia Night was a success and I would probably go back again, but bring cash next time. 

How was your Monday night? Was it filled with fun or work?

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