Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Things I Can't Say No To

Here's a list of some things that I love.

Chocolate. I love chocolate. It is seriously my greatest weakness and I crave it all the time. They've pulled out this big candy bag every time I've gone to the kids house I watch recently. I mean to eat one and next thing I know I'm on the 5th one. 

Popcorn. Who goes to the movies without popcorn. I've done it. It's beyond awkward. What am i supposed to do with my hands?

Netflix. Literally, will take my whole Saturday away, but when I don't have time for it I miss it so so much. I'm also usually really stressed when this happens. So, its a good way to relax.

Converse. I've owned a pair of converse since high school. I refuse to go without them. I have to buy new ones every couple of years. I'm sure I'll grow out of them eventually, but right now. They're my go to comfy shoe. Plus, they make me feel young, well younger because I'm not old yet. 

Ice Cream. I actually haven't had ice cream in awhile, but that's mostly because someone keeps eating the flavor that I want. Like its there one minute and then when I go to eat it, its all gone. It's as if my family knows I wanted it that day or something. 

My degree. I know, technically I haven't gotten it yet, but I definitely have never been able to say no to it. Ever since, I can remember I knew I was gonna walk across that stage and be able to make something of my life. And that time is finally here. A month - 2 days and I'll officially be a #collegegraduate.

Last year in front of our dorm from Freshmen year
Iphone. It does so many things. I literally didn't want to drive somewhere the other day because I didn't have my phone and the idea of looking at paper instructions to get there was beyond ridiculous to me. Plus, knowing me I would get lost and then I would of been stranded in some random city. Basically, it would of been horrible and I would not have been able to drive before the age of iPhones. 

What can you not live without? Are you more about food? 

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