Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thoughts from Sam #6 Nostalgia

As you all know my undergraduate career is coming to a close. Unlike the semester system, I still have a month left to enjoy it. The last couple weeks and definitely this last month will be filled with nostalgia. I already feel like I'm feeling it everywhere.

Last week, I went to my high school to pick up my brother. Its always so weird going back. It feels so familiar yet I feel so out of place. 5 years later my high school still looks the same and some memories I continue to remember like yesterday.

Lately, as I walk around campus I'm reminded about my Freshman year and the dorms. It was one of the best years, I had in college. Which, I think is typical, everyone was literally a door away, meaning there was always someone to talk to when you were bored. I've basically just been reliving my college years, the good and the bad. I'm really gonna miss Davis, but its time for me to move somewhere else.

These pictures are from Freshmen year. Ignore my hair, it was our last day in the dorms. I'm still really good friends with two of them. I wouldn't change my dorm experience for anything. if you're just now entering in college, even if you live in the same town as your college. You need to dorm, it makes it easier to meet so many people and its just a lot of fun. It's worth the ridiculous price they make you pay. I'm gonna miss these days, but we have to grow up sometimes.

Do you ever think about your school days? High school or college? I feel like it will diminish once I'm finally gone from Davis, but for the next month I think its here to stay.

Have a good weekend

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