Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thoughts From Sam #7 Summer

With the weather in California acting as crazy as it has been, it's got me thinking a lot about what I can't wait for in summer. If you didn't know, one day its super hot and the next day its like freezing cold. I just can't keep up. So... it has me really looking forward to the normal hot weather of summer.

I can't wait for shorts. My legs seriously need a tan. Whenever I see them I'm seriously shocked by how they have absolutely no tan. My legs actually don't look this tan in this photo, but I love my nails in this photo.

Manicure and Pedicure. I might actually get one right before graduation, but as expensive as they are. I always enjoy them. I wish I could keep my finger nails long without them, but I really can't. I think when I find a job though my nail colors will have to be less colorful blues. I'm gonna miss those.
I can't wait to go to the pool. It's cool and refreshing and fixes that tan issue I was just telling you about.

Free time. I'm currently super busy with school and the 3 million jobs I feel like I have. Although, I'll be working and looking for a job when I get home. I hope it will be a little more relaxing.

Baseball games. I love baseball and they're the perfect about of relaxing and exciting. Plus, we're going to beer hop to some game at some point. You'll get to hear about all the great bars and I'll get to try them all. I also need to find this shirt. I love this giants shirt.

Skydiving. My friend and I are supposed to go over the summer. I've been dying to go for at least 3 years now. So, hopefully this time it actually sticks and I can go. I've only heard good things about it.

Trips. I currently have no trips planned, but summer is for spontaneity. And I definitely hope I have time for that.

The Lake. Amanda's family has a cabin between Sacramento and Tahoe. I've gone almost every summer since, like forever ago. This year the water will be really low. So... we'll probably just lay out  on the water or paddle board. I can't wait.

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