Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Roundup #7

I haven't done one of these in awhile, but this weekend wasn't filled with excitement. Thursday Night no one was really down to do anything. So, I just went and hung out with my sister and her family and just had a beer with them. Well.... technically I just had a beer while I was there because they didn't have one.

Friday Night I got a drink at Hop Grenade, a beer bar in downtown Concord with some friends. I'm not a huge fan of beer. So, I don't go there very often. I got the Scrimshaw Pilsner which was really good. It's a summer beer I think or it tastes like one to me. The waitress told me what to order when I asked about summer beers and I totally heard her pronounce it wrong. That's why the spelling on my picture is so off. I felt so silly when I found out how off I was on the spelling.

However, since Hop Grenade is a beer bar the beer is a little pricer then I would like to pay. I don't know exactly how much mine was, but the cheapest one we got was $8 and the most expensive one was $16. I don't like beer that much to pay that regularly. So, I'll probably continue to just go occasionally. Hop Grenade is always full when I go which is nice and the staff is super friendly. As well, it has a really good vibe. It's just not really for me because of the price.

Birthday Girl 
Saturday, I just hung out with my family all day, did homework, and watched the Maywether and Pacquiao fight. Well... I was there when everyone else was watching the fight. I was actually productive and did my homework during the fight.

Saturday morning was Xavier's baseball game. He did so good and his team won!!! I was so happy for him. Then I went to my cousin's 2nd birthday. They had a jumpy house that Quentin and I went in. He had so much fun, but he didn't even really jump in it. It was so silly.

Sunday, I had nachos for lunch with Amanda's mom and then drove back to Davis and did homework. It was a pretty boring weekend if you ask me. Hopefully next weekend will be more exciting.

How was your weekend? What was your favorite part?

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