Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Roundup #9

This is what guys do in bars apparently
I sadly haven't ventured to any new places in awhile, but I definitely need to do that. Anyways, my weekend was pretty fun. I had family time and fun time.

Thursday night, some of my friends came up to visit. I was super excited to show them Davis, but we ended up going to Barwest in sac. Maybe I'll have a chance to show them Davis before I graduate, but that's unlikely. The bar was more crowded this time after 11 and the fish bowls weren't nearly as sugary as last time or..... There were other reasons I couldn't taste the sugar. We took s group picture that I was super excited about but my friend's phone it was on wouldn't send them to me because he didn't like how he looked. I totally would of cropped him out but whatever.

Friday night my friend Adam and I just went to Farringtons to get drinks. It was really dead for some reason and just not that great. He felt really bad about it which is dunno because it totally wasn't his fault. We then went to La PiƱata after and for some reason all the waiters were looking at me funny as I walked in. It was a little uncomfortable and then I never found out why they were staring at me. I thought something happened one time I was there and I just didn't remember, but my friends didn't think that was the case.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early and watched my nephews. My sister was presenting at the Stanford conference and she did amazing. I'm so proud of her. My nephews and I just hung out and went to Xavier's baseball game. Xavier did awesome, but poor Quentin just spent the whole time sleeping because the poor boy was sick.

Saturday night I went out to Pura in San Francisco with some friends. It was alright, but it's more of a Hispanic club which isn't really my scene. I kind of failed at dancing, but whatever. We did take an amazing Polaroid though. The guys were like wtf at first, but they ended up loving them. But unfortunately we didn't take any other pictures.

Saturday my brother also went to the city for prom. He looked adorable with his girlfriend. i'm pretty sure by the time I got to the city he was like getting ready to leave. They took some amazing pictures at Treasure Island. So... if you're looking for a great spot for any type of pictures you should try there.

Sunday was just a wash. I didn't really do anything. I studied a little and just hung out at home. I met my best friends aunt which her mom was super happy about. She was really nice. Then I came back to school and just studied for my econ midterm. 

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