Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What to Expect at a Kid's Birthday Party

As you already know on Saturday I went to my cousins' birthday party. It was actually two sister's celebrating their birthday together. The party was in-between their two birthdays. So, here are some things I experienced there.

1. There are little kids everywhere.
2. There's an endless supply of screaming and crying.
3. Something will spill.
4. There is adult food and child food. (Which means I didn't get any pizza. I really wanted pizza.)
5. If you don't know that many people the party is kinda boring.
6. You feel like an adult and out of place.
7. Jumpy houses are not the same at 23. I thought if I jumped it would just be all bad.
8. You feel bad because you kind of wanted to go home after being there for 5 minutes.
9. Kids now only pick the candy they like out of the PiƱata. 
10. There is a kid's party and an adult party. 
Bonus: I'm now an adult and I want to be a kid. 

Basically, children's parties are nothing like I remember them being when I was a kid. I've gone to other children's parties before and they were nothing like this one, but maybe its because it was all my family that was there. So, I had more people to talk to and be entertained by. 

What have you learned about kid's parties? How are they for the parents? Crazy? 

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