Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Workout Wednesday!!

My workouts haven't been going as well as planned and I'm a little disappointed about it, but I got back to legitimate workouts yesterday. I even texted my sister Kristina. So... you can ask her for proof that I worked out.

The whole time I was home over the weekend, no planned workout occurred. Thursday, I was busy literally from when I woke up until when I went to sleep. Ok, I could of worked out at like 8am, but morning workouts are the hardest for me to get in. I actually could of worked out every morning all weekend considering I didn't start work until 12. However, I wanted to relax knowing I was going to be on my feet all day.

Which, my sister and everyone else have decided to point out to me is nothing they don't do everyday, but when you're not used to it. It is a serious feat to have to do 3 days in a row. By Monday my feet were killing me and surprisingly my calves. So... considering the fact that by the end of the working day my legs were tired. I'm gonna go with that at least 30 minutes each day counts as a workout.

However, that still puts me down 110 mins. #1000in30 comes out to about 30mins a day, but its actually 33mins per day. So, if you do 30 minutes exactly each day, you still come out down 33mins. So, I'm actually down a little over 3 days. AHHH!! But I have confidence that I can make it up. How are you guys doing on your workouts?

What are your hints to get you to workout? especially on the really busy days?

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