Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #2

My second stitch fix box was monumentally better then my first, sorry Shelia. I just don't think she got my style, but Amanda was amazing. Not everything fit, but I ended up keeping it all because I did want 4 of the items and I figured I could give the one that didn't fit to someone else. Plus, it was so worth it to keep it all because if I just bought the four I wanted I would of been paying more money then if I got all 5.

The price is my one issue with Stitch Fix, but you can't ask for good quality clothing and expect it to be super cheap. However, I do think I have my clothes for a really long time before they fall apart. How long are clothes supposed to last? I know I've had my black pants for 3 years, but they're not as dark as I would like them to be anymore, but they still fix amazing.

Basically, I normally don't spend this much on clothes. However, they're usually not as good of quality and they're not staple pieces. So, for pieces I can wear over and over again. It's totally a win, especially since I need to build my work wardrobe like ASAP.

If you've never heard of Stitch Fix, here's a little information about it. Stitch Fix is an online based personal stylist company for women. You sign up and create and online style profile. Then you schedule a fix for as often as you would like which can be I think at the shortest every 3 weeks or just whenever you want. It is not a subscription service, which, to me is the best part. There is a $20 styling fee you do not purchase anything. However, if you purchase all 5 items there is a 25% discount. Which usually resulted in one of the items being free. 

This is not a sponsored post, this is just my opinion. However, if you do use my referral link here, I do get a credit when you order your first fix. 
Anyways, done with my rant, onto the clothing. But ignore my baby hairs. It was not a good hair day when I took these pictures.

1. Pixley-Millie Textured Dress - S - $68
This dress is super comfy. Its a soft material, which makes it really comfy and not constricting at all. I didn't realize the back was a V- neck until my sister pointed it out. This made me love the dress even more. It's just a cute little extra detail. I wish the dress wasn't so long, but since I'll primarily be wearing it for work it's totally appropriate. I definitely want some nude pumps now though. I think it would tie the dress together perfectly. Keep

2. Kut from the Cloth - Kate Boyfriend Jean - 0 - $78
I love love love these pants. They fit amazingly and I've been looking for a good pair of white jeans. They're rolled here. This is how they came in the box. They can be worn as Capris or as pants which is amazing. They're named boyfriend jean, but they fit more like skinny or straight jeans. Keep

3. Honey Punch - Seaside Mix material Top - XS - $38
I pulled this shirt out of the box and I was absolutely in love with it. It fit amazingly and it could work for work with nice work slacks and work in a much more casual setting. Keep

4. 41Hawthorn - McQue Solid Lace Sleeve Blouse - XS - $48

I saw this shirt and I loved it. I couldn't wait to try it on. Then I tried it on and I wasn't really sure how much I liked it and if i totally liked the fit. However, when I took these pictures I didn't even notice that it fit funny. So, I guess that was just all in my head. Then I loved how it looked in these pictures and it made it a definite keeper. I was even surprised by the key hole back. I don't know why, but I love key hole backs. Keep

5. 41Hawthorn - Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse - XS - $48
I loved this shirt when I saw it in the styled looks. However, I had my sister Kristina model it for you guys because it didn't fit me. It was too tight in the arms. Which, is a pretty common problem I have with long sleeves. I hate it, but a lot of times my arms are just too big. I have no idea why. I won't be keeping the shirt for me, but I'll give the shirt to someone else I think. Keep.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Roundup #11

I was so excited to be getting off work 1. because it was the weekend and 2. because my STITCH FIX box came it. I was beyond excited to go home to it and I definitely wasn't disappointed, but more on that tomorrow.

Friday was pretty boring, everyone I knew was busy or had already put their pajamas on. Which I totally understand. Once, I'm in my comfy clothes and have decided I don't want to go out people have to do some serious convincing to get me to go out. However, for some reason it usually takes me forever to put my pajamas on. Since, I've been working though, its been happening a lot faster. Well, I at least change when I get home and put my workout clothes on.

I did go out with My sister for Quentin's birthday to My Sushi. Yes, the apparently only sushi place I go to. I only had the miso soup because I ate right before she came over, unintentionally of course. They got the rattlesnake role which was apparently amazing. Their raman comes in huge bowls, so, its definitely a filling meal without any extra. Sorry, I don't know much about the taste, my sister seemed to like it, but I didn't try any of it.

We celebrated Quentin's 2nd birthday at PixieLand. I haven't been there in forever. It was a pretty small party. Which, was really nice. I got to spend a lot of time with Quentin. It was a warrior themed party because Quentin loves basketball and of course we had to celebrate the Warrior's championship win.

Quentin had so much fun riding the cars that you drive around. However, since its a little kid theme park the car actually just moves on its own, but he still loved it. They also have tea cups, a drop tower, dragon roller coaster, train, airplanes, and a carousel. Quentin rode everything he could. He had such a fun time, but he was so tired out by the time we left.

I can't believe he's two already. I haven't gotten him a present yet. I like to take them out for a day. I haven't figured out what we should do yet though. I normally let them pick, but Quentin's still a little young for that. I'm thinking maybe the zoo or something. What do you think I should do with him.

From www.forbes.com
Yesterday, I finally moved some of my furniture back from Davis to my parents house in Concord. It was really fast which I was surprised about, but we really didn't move that much. I'm so happy to finally have my bed back and my dresser. My clothes have been awkwardly folded in my closet.

I do have a dresser at home, but i didn't want to pack the dresser just to unpack it a couple weeks later. Basically, I was being a little lazy. I do still need to move the old dresser out of my room though. I think a new shoe rack will go there. I didn't realize how many shoes I owned until I got home. My room will be in for a lot of changes soon. I'm not really sure what I'm doing in general with it. I have two couches at school still that I'm thinking about bringing home, but its gonna be a struggle to fit it all in my room and its a struggle to get them back to my parent's house.

I'm thinking of just giving them to my cousin maybe. I could always find new ones later, but couches are so expensive and these ones are so comfy, but I really have no where to store them. So... we'll see. I still have until the end of August to decide.

Anyways, after that I saw Inside Out with my family. The movie was amazing. It was funny and cute and extremely real and down to earth. I don't know if my nephews got it all, but it definitely resonates with not just kids. Which is totally why I think everyone loves Pixar movies. Its a good movie for everyone to watch.

It was also such a treat to watch Quentin watch a movie. Especially since he doesn't understand you're not really supposed to talk in the theater and if you do you're supposed to whisper. But its ok he's still little, adorable, and everything he said was pretty funny.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Thoughts From Sam #8 My First Week at a Full Time Job

Sorry, I haven't posted one of these in awhile, but really all my posts are Thoughts From Sam. I feel like these ones can just be a little more random and fun which is kind of exciting. However, this one goes pretty in line with my week. As you know this was my first week at my first full time job. So, I just thought I would fill you all in on how it is going so far.

Everyone at the office is really nice and the work really doesn't seem like it will be to bad. I think I'm already getting ahold of it. We have these two fountains right near our buildings. They're so pretty and they're nice to relax by.

The hardest part about working is finding time to relax. I'm up at 6:30 and out the door by 7:10. Then I don't get home until almost 6. Then I'm starving and it's time for dinner. I'm still trying to figure out when to totally put in working out.

Working out has been pretty sporadic. I kinda of do it whenever I have time the week before was kind of like that too though and I wasn't that busy then. However, I'm still getting more workouts in then I did before I started working out about a month ago. I started the second week of the Summer Sweat Series with Ambitious Kitchen and Fit Foodie Finds. I'll have to update you guys more about that later. I'll try to get back to my Workout Wednesday's next week. I've just been so busy. I haven't even made my lunch yet for tomorrow.

How has your week been so far? Have any fun plans for the weekend?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

27 Thoughts on My First Day of Work

Today was the first day at my new job. It's nothing exciting, at least I wouldn't say it is. I mostly just answer customer inquiries about their Home Owner Associations. It seems like I will have super busy days, which is nice because then the day will go by faster. However, it is a lot of the same task, just incorporating some different things here or there. Anyways, here are just some of the thoughts I had through out the day.

1. What's the name of the other person that interviewed me?

2. I really hope I hear his name before I have to talk to him again.

3. How do I fill out this paperwork?

4. Did  I fill this out right? I don't think I filled this out right.

5. I hate W-4 forms, why are they so confusing.

6. Health Insurance? Do I need health insurance?

7. I have my mom's health insurance, I guess I'll just wait to decide

8. Well obviously I want direct deposit.

9. We've been going over this packet for like an hour.

10. Well it feels like an hour.

11. Why don't I wear a watch?

12. Then i would know what time it is.

13. I really need to use the bathroom, are we almost done?

14. I brought my lunch, where should I eat my lunch?

15. Do other people eat in the kitchen?

16. Will people judge me if I eat there?

17. Well, I need to run to the store anyways.

18. So, I guess I'll eat in my car.

19. At least no one knows me in this random parking lot.

20. 2 hours later.... I've been shadowing this person forever.... can I try myself now?

21. Like really, I don't know what else I'm really going to learn.

22. I'm a hands on learner. It's been 4 hours.

23. Finally, time to go home.

24. Wait, but I just have to come back tomorrow

25. And earlier.

26. OMG! this is the rest of my life

27. Well... I hope I enjoy it.

This is a pretty accurate recommend of my stream of thoughts for the day. I was pretty freaked out all weekend about the fact that I was starting my first Full-Time job. Then when today ended I realized the rest of my life really is going to a job 8 hours a day for the next 40 or so years. That's kind of a crazy mind boggling thought. We work 40 hours a week to provide for ourselves and our eventual families (if we choose to have one). However, the amount of time we truly get to enjoy after a certain age is no where near 50%. We live to work and provide. I guess I always knew that, but now that I have to do it, it sounds kind of bleak and sad.

What do you guys think? Or do you choose not to think about it? I think that's what I'm going to do, ignorance is bliss. It really can be.

Monday, June 22, 2015

San Francisco- Infusion

Friday night! Some of my friends and I went out and celebrated my graduation at Infusion. It was the first time I've ever been and I loved it. Infusion definitely has a club vibe which, is exactly what I wanted so it was great.

That night there actually weren't that many people there. We got there around 10:45-11 and it wasn't empty, but it wasn't as packed as I thought it would be. One of my friends said "It's pretty dead tonight." However, the dance floor that was open was totally packed by the time the club closed. It looks like when its really busy there are two dance floors. How busy the club is may depend on the DJ which they list online. However, I don't know any DJs. So.... for me its all the same thing.

I don't remember there being very many songs with words. Infusion is known as an EDM club. I generally just like music that has a good base to dance to. It was also really easy to get drinks which, I love. I hate waiting forever to get a drink because you could be doing so many other things. Like.... dancing which is the whole reason you're there.

The drinks were not made at the same alcohol level at all. Some of them were a lot stronger then others. One of them was so strong I couldn't drink it, I made my friend switch with me because we got the same drink and his didn't have nearly as much alcohol in it. I like places that are consistent in the vodka to red bull (in my case) content.

I wish I got more pictures. I missed a couple people that came. I feel so bad, but we took some great snapchat videos. I felt super special because usually my friend cuts me out of them because I'm a girl and apparently girls can't be on his snapchat.


I just got this shirt the other day. I totally didn't mean to wear it this weekend, but I'm absolutely in love with the colors. I'm so happy I decided to buy it. I was originally a little on the fence because it can't be tucked into skirts, but It totally works out that it cannot be. I was going to wear a different shirt-skirt combo because I haven't been able to find a dress. They're both pretty similar, they both had tribal designs, but the vibrant colors on this choice made it better for a night outing.

Shirt: Forever 21, recent
Skirt: American Eagle, 2 years ago

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Graduation, was finally here last Saturday. The ceremony itself was pretty boring, but the day it general was really nice. My family and I all went up around 1 and we took a walk around campus and took some pictures. It was a really pretty day and it wasn't terribly hot.

After pictures we all drove out to Sacramento to have dinner at Paesanos in Midtown Sacramento. It was so good, but unfortunately, they don't give the free bread like they do at the one in Davis. The bread is amazing. But I did get the tortellini formaggio and it was so good. I've had it before, but it was just as amazing this time. I didn't hear any complaints about anyone's food. My mom tried the risotto and my grandma had the steak salad which looked amazing. I think this is the best picture of my dress. It was from the American Eagle outlet.

Then it was finally time for the graduation ceremony. The ceremony itself was extremely boring, but it was surreal walking. I think it made it finally seem truly real. The ceremony took almost 3 hours, which was ridiculously long especially when it doesn't start until 7pm. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

21 thoughts about Getting a Job Offer

On Friday, I had an interview and a couple hours later they offered me the Job. I was so excited. It's the first job offer I've gotten. Here are the 5 million thoughts that run through your head when you get a job offer.

1. Do I really want this job?

2. Does it pay enough?

3. Should I ask for more money?

4. Will they rescind the offer if that happens? according to my parents they won't but I'll let you know soon enough what really happens. 

5. This job doesn't really have anything to do with Politics.

6. But it does if I stretch it.

7. I still plan on looking for a more policy specific job.

8. So... does it matter that it doesn't really have anything to do with politics.

9. It's a good job to have while I look for a policy related job.

10. Will I have time to interview though?

11. But then I could still be looking for a job for 3,6,9, or 12 months. 

12. I don't want to be jobless for that long

13. I think I'm gonna take the job.

14. Should I take the job.

15. Yea, I'm gonna take the job.

16. But I'm gonna ask for more money.

17. Should I really ask for more money? I guess if they don't rescind the offer then no harm no fowl right? 

18. When are they going to email me back? 

19. I want to know what the new offer or non-existent offer is now. 

20. OMG! they're just not gonna hire me now.

21. I'm gonna be job hunting again before I even started the job. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Trinity

My last week of college was super stressful and filled with zero pictures. So... I'm sorry, but this will be a picture lis post. I was busy all week studying for finals and packing. I didn't even have time to job hunt, but more on that in a couple days. I was free on Wednesday which, was very nice. However, like I told you before I wanted to the trinity before I left Davis.

So, I did the Trinity Wednesday night which to a certain extent ruined my Thursday night, but onto the Trinity. The Trinity is three apparently really alcoholic drinks in Davis. I knew there would be a lot, but I apparently didn't know how much or how the probably 5 million different kinds of alcohol would interact with my stomach. (Spoiler Alert: horribly)

We started at Cafe Bernardo's which has amazing food by the way and had the wiki. I've had a wiki I handful of times. Yes, somehow I forgot about the Bacardi 51 in the straw. That was not good. I definitely didn't miss that, but a wiki is everyone's go to Davis drink and you have to drink it at least once or every time your friends came to visit for the first time.

Then we headed to Bistro 33, well... technically City Hall, the bar part of the restaurant for the devastator. Which, in fact wasn't that devastating for probably 10 minutes. lol. I'm pretty sure it was only devastating because of the wiki we had before. It didn't help that the more I drank the faster I drank, everyone started to decide the best thing to do would to be chug everything.

Lastly, we went to Red 88 for the super FML. However, the FML's were on sale and I had the great idea that if we buy two it would be cheaper and therefore better then just getting one super FML. It wasn't. It was a horrible Idea. My friend told me to down my first FML, which a lot of people use instead of the super. So... I count this as the completion of the trinity. However, for future reference, never ever down the last drink of the trinity. It will not end well.

The Trinity was a great experience to have once. Just to say I've done it. But Thank Goodness! I'm not in davis anymore and I never have to do it again because the whole next day was absolutely horrible. I wish I would have been able to experience Wednesday Funk Night at G St. Wunderbar, but I never would have been able to get in because the line was so long.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Your Last Week of College?

My last week was preceded by my last weekend as an official college student was pretty boring. I mostly did college student things. I did get some sun and go to a baby shower on Saturday. It was so much fun and I got to see some people I haven't seen in forever. Which, was really nice. And I finally found my graduation dress, but you'll have to wait until next week to see it. I can't wait to show you all.

Anyways, onto what to do your last week as a college student.

1. First things first, finish all your finals, but then on to all the fun things.

2. Make sure to embrace your college and remember everything you loved and hated about your experience.

3. Don't be afraid to be sad about it all. It's an amazing experience that you'll never have again.

4.Make sure you've done everything that's special to your college. I'm doing the Davis Trinity on Wednesday and I can't be more excited. I also can't wait to tell you about it. That may take a couple days though. It's three supposedly really strong drinks at three different bars in Davis.

5.  Be excited for graduation. It'll be boring and long and maybe even stressful. Not that I know it for certain yet, but I'm sure when you walk across that stage you'll be beaming with pride.

6. Enjoy your last week. It'll never happen again. Assuming you don't get your final grades 2 weeks later and have to take an extra class.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thoughts From Sam #8 Graduation Dress

I know... I know... we've had like three million posts about this graduation dress. But i still haven't been able to find one. Mostly, because after the first couple fails I decided I would just wear something I already own and call it a day. However, that's not gonna happen.

Everything I own is dark and my cap and gown is navy blue. So.... if I wear something dark I just look like a big blob with my cap and gown. That is so not cute and will not produce cute pictures. My last ditch half effort was to order something from Stitch Fix, but they didn't send me a dress that would work for graduation. I've looked at Macy's, Nordstrom, JcPenny and just nothing has stuck out to me.

So, now it is off to the mall again this weekend. I'm super stressed out about it, but I'm also tempted to just not care. However, I know if I do that I will be extremely unhappy with the result. So, at some point this weekend, hopefully I will try on a bunch of dresses and find the one to wear for graduation.

Side note, since our stoles are bright gold with navy blue trimming if you take grad pictures with just that you need a whole different outfit, but I think I found the outfit i want to take those pictures with, which is already in my closet. YAY!!!

End Rant! Thanks for listening.

Did you find a special dress for graduation? How did you style it? and Where did you get it? I seriously need some help finding one.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Workout Wednesday!!

me not looking forward to my workout
So, I totally fail at working out during the weekend. So, I may just not try for a little while, but either way. I'm still pretty on track, meaning I think my #1000in30 is still plausible. I got my mom to put my name on the gym back home and I went on Friday. The gym is pretty big. I think I need a tour to find out where everything is though. My family goes to InShape. I'm not sure how popular they are across the country. I feel like a bunch started sprouting up around here like 5 years ago.

I won't be home this weekend because of Finals. So, I think that will help me catch up on some minutes. I really only need to do about 50 a day, but all my workouts are 30 to 45mins. I've been loving PopSugar's Better Body Workout if you guys haven't noticed, but I wish there workouts were a little bit longer. I feel like everyone else goes to the gym forever and I'm in and out. I'm not sure if I'm getting enough of a workout in. Granted, I am getting super sweaty and gross. So, I assume that is at least a good sign.

I did find an amazing app on PopSugar's website called FitFinder. At least, I think you would call it an app. Anyways, you put in your fitness level, the equipment you have, the type of workout you want to do, what part of the body you want to workout, and lastly, the amount of time you have in to the calculator. Then poof it generates a workout for you. Say, you don't like that workout, you just hit try again and a different one comes up. It sounds pretty cool and just playing around with it I found some workouts I want to try already.

Lastly, my last workout tip for the week, Fit Foodie Finds and Ambitious Kitchen are teaming up to give a free 6 week workout and food guide. They're calling it their Summer Sweat Series. I'm super excited about it. I'm always trying to eat more healthy because let's be honest, I have no idea what healthy eating looks like. It's starting June 14th and they have a motivational Facebook page as well. So, come join me joining them.

How's your summer body coming or not coming? Whichever you prefer.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My First Stitch Fix

I've been waiting to order a stitch fix box basically since I heard about it. And I'm super excited to share with you what I got in my box, but first let me just give you a quick overview of what it is.

Stitch Fix is an online based personal stylist company for women. You sign up and create and online style profile. Then you schedule a fix for as often as you would like which can be I think at the shortest every 3 weeks or just whenever you want. It is not a subscription service, which, to me is the best part. There is a $20 styling fee you do not purchase anything. However, if you purchase all 5 items there is a 25% discount. Which usually resulted in one of the items being free. 

This is not a sponsored post, this is just my opinion of the company. However, if you do use my referral link here, I do get a credit when you order your first fix.

When I opened my box I was honestly a little disappointed that nothing I requested was in the box. Which, I was a little surprised about. All the reviews I've read raved that they were always really good about accommodating what you were looking for.

1. Sanctuary-Mitch Hooded Utility Jacket XS- $98

White generally isn't my style because I'm the biggest klutz in the world and spill food on everything. However, it fit like a glove. If it was a different color I would possibly consider keeping it because I own nothing like it. However, I honestly have no idea without trying on a different color. Return.

2. 41Hawthorn - Trinidad Chevron Striped Henley Top - XS - $48

This top I saw and immediately thought it was a mom shirt. I didn't feel that much better about it when I put it on. However, its slowly growing on me and I might end up keeping it because it is good for work. It also does fit really well. I usually have issues with long sleeves and my shoulders. They don't  get along. However, this one had no issues. It would be a good shirt for work. So, I might keep it. Maybe.

3. Kut From the Kloth - Dayna Skinny Jean - 0 - $88

I put on these pants and instantly fell in love. Like, I love them so, much I might get over how much they cost. You always need a new pair of jeans right? What happens when there's something wrong with the old ones. I might not be able to get over the price, but these jeans are amazing. If they were white distressed ones  I wanted I probably wouldn't hesitate. Maybe. 

4. Market & Spruce - Dafine Chevron Maxi Dress - S - $88

As soon as I knew this dress was a maxi I was unhappy. I was really hoping and praying for a dress for graduation and that just didn't happen. This dress isn't super cute or super ugly. It's just a dress. It was comfy and it fit, but I'm just not feeling a maxi dress right now. It also isn't even a bright color like I asked for.  Return. 

5. Zad - Rosalia Double Strand Necklace

I also received a necklace in this box. I'm thinking about asking for no jewelry if I order again. I don't really know why, its just what I was thinking. I really like this necklace. Its a long necklace that goes perfectly with my basic t-shirts. However, I just bought a gold necklace very similar to this the other day.

All in all i was extremely pleased with how well everything fit. However, I was really disappointed that the two things I really wanted were not in my box. I wish I knew why. All in all, if I had the money I would order again. I will probably order again when I get my first full time job. I will be needing more work clothes. Please ignore the funny faces and my messy desk. I was sending the pictures to my friend for their opinion.

Do you think I should keep the pants or the shirt?

Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekend Roundup #10

I'm writing this post super late. So.... if there are grammatical errors please forgive me and I think I took like no pictures that saved this weekend. I definitely took a lot, but most of them were on SnapChat. My bad.

This weekend was a good balance between fun and relaxing. I only went out on Friday with one of my good friends. I would say he's a good friend.

Anyways, Thursday I went and watched my friends play bocce ball again. I have a feeling that might become a weekly occurrence. I won't be there for a couple of weeks, but definitely after school is over it probably will be. After the game I got to practice. Its definitely harder then it looks, but I could see how it could be fun if you're drinking. It's nice and easy. It's a lot like bowling which I love to do while drinking.

Sister's car. 
Friday, I drove my sister to the airport at 6am, that was horrible, but I did get to drive her call all weekend. I love my car, but newer cars are just so much nicer.  Then my mom and I went to dinner at Round Table. It was a very nice dinner and talk. Round Table was good, but it wasn't amazing. I still have a tiny craving for pizza because it just wasn't out of the park omg! like I wanted it to be. My mom wanted Round Table and I haven't been there in awhile. So, I was cool with it.

I'm also not a huge fan of round table because its not a true restaurant. You have to go and order your pizza and then they call your name or bring it to you. I like when its a sit down restaSkipolini's, which does this, but my mom said she isn't that big of a fan of it. I love it, but my family does hype it up a lot.
urant and they take your drink order and everything. My family and I normally go to

Then Friday night I just chilled at Farrington's with my friend. I had a pretty good time. It was fuller then the last time I went on a Friday which was nice. I think that Friday was just super weird. I'm sure it happens sometimes. They've been having more bartenders lately which is super nice. I wonder if it's because its getting closer to summer. I just feel like more people go out during the summer.

Saturday, I just went to a grad party at my friends house. It was pretty nice. I unfortunately haven't spent that much time with my friends' friends from college. They were all super nice. It was really nice to hang out with them. I just never wanted to make the drive out there and I like sleeping in my own bed. Plus, I hate meeting a ton of new people all at once. I'm totally fine when its one or two people, just a lot of people make me feel nervous and out of place. However, I didn't really feel that way. So... maybe I should try it again and see how I feel, but I did make my friend go with me. So, that if I didn't have anyone to talk to I could talk to him.

Sunday, I did nothing. I cleaned my room a little preparing for my move and did some homework.

How was your weekend? Do you like to meet people in small or large groups? How do you make it feel less daunting?