Tuesday, June 16, 2015

21 thoughts about Getting a Job Offer

On Friday, I had an interview and a couple hours later they offered me the Job. I was so excited. It's the first job offer I've gotten. Here are the 5 million thoughts that run through your head when you get a job offer.

1. Do I really want this job?

2. Does it pay enough?

3. Should I ask for more money?

4. Will they rescind the offer if that happens? according to my parents they won't but I'll let you know soon enough what really happens. 

5. This job doesn't really have anything to do with Politics.

6. But it does if I stretch it.

7. I still plan on looking for a more policy specific job.

8. So... does it matter that it doesn't really have anything to do with politics.

9. It's a good job to have while I look for a policy related job.

10. Will I have time to interview though?

11. But then I could still be looking for a job for 3,6,9, or 12 months. 

12. I don't want to be jobless for that long

13. I think I'm gonna take the job.

14. Should I take the job.

15. Yea, I'm gonna take the job.

16. But I'm gonna ask for more money.

17. Should I really ask for more money? I guess if they don't rescind the offer then no harm no fowl right? 

18. When are they going to email me back? 

19. I want to know what the new offer or non-existent offer is now. 

20. OMG! they're just not gonna hire me now.

21. I'm gonna be job hunting again before I even started the job. 

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