Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Graduation, was finally here last Saturday. The ceremony itself was pretty boring, but the day it general was really nice. My family and I all went up around 1 and we took a walk around campus and took some pictures. It was a really pretty day and it wasn't terribly hot.

After pictures we all drove out to Sacramento to have dinner at Paesanos in Midtown Sacramento. It was so good, but unfortunately, they don't give the free bread like they do at the one in Davis. The bread is amazing. But I did get the tortellini formaggio and it was so good. I've had it before, but it was just as amazing this time. I didn't hear any complaints about anyone's food. My mom tried the risotto and my grandma had the steak salad which looked amazing. I think this is the best picture of my dress. It was from the American Eagle outlet.

Then it was finally time for the graduation ceremony. The ceremony itself was extremely boring, but it was surreal walking. I think it made it finally seem truly real. The ceremony took almost 3 hours, which was ridiculously long especially when it doesn't start until 7pm. 

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