Monday, June 22, 2015

San Francisco- Infusion

Friday night! Some of my friends and I went out and celebrated my graduation at Infusion. It was the first time I've ever been and I loved it. Infusion definitely has a club vibe which, is exactly what I wanted so it was great.

That night there actually weren't that many people there. We got there around 10:45-11 and it wasn't empty, but it wasn't as packed as I thought it would be. One of my friends said "It's pretty dead tonight." However, the dance floor that was open was totally packed by the time the club closed. It looks like when its really busy there are two dance floors. How busy the club is may depend on the DJ which they list online. However, I don't know any DJs. So.... for me its all the same thing.

I don't remember there being very many songs with words. Infusion is known as an EDM club. I generally just like music that has a good base to dance to. It was also really easy to get drinks which, I love. I hate waiting forever to get a drink because you could be doing so many other things. Like.... dancing which is the whole reason you're there.

The drinks were not made at the same alcohol level at all. Some of them were a lot stronger then others. One of them was so strong I couldn't drink it, I made my friend switch with me because we got the same drink and his didn't have nearly as much alcohol in it. I like places that are consistent in the vodka to red bull (in my case) content.

I wish I got more pictures. I missed a couple people that came. I feel so bad, but we took some great snapchat videos. I felt super special because usually my friend cuts me out of them because I'm a girl and apparently girls can't be on his snapchat.


I just got this shirt the other day. I totally didn't mean to wear it this weekend, but I'm absolutely in love with the colors. I'm so happy I decided to buy it. I was originally a little on the fence because it can't be tucked into skirts, but It totally works out that it cannot be. I was going to wear a different shirt-skirt combo because I haven't been able to find a dress. They're both pretty similar, they both had tribal designs, but the vibrant colors on this choice made it better for a night outing.

Shirt: Forever 21, recent
Skirt: American Eagle, 2 years ago

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