Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #2

My second stitch fix box was monumentally better then my first, sorry Shelia. I just don't think she got my style, but Amanda was amazing. Not everything fit, but I ended up keeping it all because I did want 4 of the items and I figured I could give the one that didn't fit to someone else. Plus, it was so worth it to keep it all because if I just bought the four I wanted I would of been paying more money then if I got all 5.

The price is my one issue with Stitch Fix, but you can't ask for good quality clothing and expect it to be super cheap. However, I do think I have my clothes for a really long time before they fall apart. How long are clothes supposed to last? I know I've had my black pants for 3 years, but they're not as dark as I would like them to be anymore, but they still fix amazing.

Basically, I normally don't spend this much on clothes. However, they're usually not as good of quality and they're not staple pieces. So, for pieces I can wear over and over again. It's totally a win, especially since I need to build my work wardrobe like ASAP.

If you've never heard of Stitch Fix, here's a little information about it. Stitch Fix is an online based personal stylist company for women. You sign up and create and online style profile. Then you schedule a fix for as often as you would like which can be I think at the shortest every 3 weeks or just whenever you want. It is not a subscription service, which, to me is the best part. There is a $20 styling fee you do not purchase anything. However, if you purchase all 5 items there is a 25% discount. Which usually resulted in one of the items being free. 

This is not a sponsored post, this is just my opinion. However, if you do use my referral link here, I do get a credit when you order your first fix. 
Anyways, done with my rant, onto the clothing. But ignore my baby hairs. It was not a good hair day when I took these pictures.

1. Pixley-Millie Textured Dress - S - $68
This dress is super comfy. Its a soft material, which makes it really comfy and not constricting at all. I didn't realize the back was a V- neck until my sister pointed it out. This made me love the dress even more. It's just a cute little extra detail. I wish the dress wasn't so long, but since I'll primarily be wearing it for work it's totally appropriate. I definitely want some nude pumps now though. I think it would tie the dress together perfectly. Keep

2. Kut from the Cloth - Kate Boyfriend Jean - 0 - $78
I love love love these pants. They fit amazingly and I've been looking for a good pair of white jeans. They're rolled here. This is how they came in the box. They can be worn as Capris or as pants which is amazing. They're named boyfriend jean, but they fit more like skinny or straight jeans. Keep

3. Honey Punch - Seaside Mix material Top - XS - $38
I pulled this shirt out of the box and I was absolutely in love with it. It fit amazingly and it could work for work with nice work slacks and work in a much more casual setting. Keep

4. 41Hawthorn - McQue Solid Lace Sleeve Blouse - XS - $48

I saw this shirt and I loved it. I couldn't wait to try it on. Then I tried it on and I wasn't really sure how much I liked it and if i totally liked the fit. However, when I took these pictures I didn't even notice that it fit funny. So, I guess that was just all in my head. Then I loved how it looked in these pictures and it made it a definite keeper. I was even surprised by the key hole back. I don't know why, but I love key hole backs. Keep

5. 41Hawthorn - Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse - XS - $48
I loved this shirt when I saw it in the styled looks. However, I had my sister Kristina model it for you guys because it didn't fit me. It was too tight in the arms. Which, is a pretty common problem I have with long sleeves. I hate it, but a lot of times my arms are just too big. I have no idea why. I won't be keeping the shirt for me, but I'll give the shirt to someone else I think. Keep.

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