Monday, June 15, 2015

The Trinity

My last week of college was super stressful and filled with zero pictures. So... I'm sorry, but this will be a picture lis post. I was busy all week studying for finals and packing. I didn't even have time to job hunt, but more on that in a couple days. I was free on Wednesday which, was very nice. However, like I told you before I wanted to the trinity before I left Davis.

So, I did the Trinity Wednesday night which to a certain extent ruined my Thursday night, but onto the Trinity. The Trinity is three apparently really alcoholic drinks in Davis. I knew there would be a lot, but I apparently didn't know how much or how the probably 5 million different kinds of alcohol would interact with my stomach. (Spoiler Alert: horribly)

We started at Cafe Bernardo's which has amazing food by the way and had the wiki. I've had a wiki I handful of times. Yes, somehow I forgot about the Bacardi 51 in the straw. That was not good. I definitely didn't miss that, but a wiki is everyone's go to Davis drink and you have to drink it at least once or every time your friends came to visit for the first time.

Then we headed to Bistro 33, well... technically City Hall, the bar part of the restaurant for the devastator. Which, in fact wasn't that devastating for probably 10 minutes. lol. I'm pretty sure it was only devastating because of the wiki we had before. It didn't help that the more I drank the faster I drank, everyone started to decide the best thing to do would to be chug everything.

Lastly, we went to Red 88 for the super FML. However, the FML's were on sale and I had the great idea that if we buy two it would be cheaper and therefore better then just getting one super FML. It wasn't. It was a horrible Idea. My friend told me to down my first FML, which a lot of people use instead of the super. So... I count this as the completion of the trinity. However, for future reference, never ever down the last drink of the trinity. It will not end well.

The Trinity was a great experience to have once. Just to say I've done it. But Thank Goodness! I'm not in davis anymore and I never have to do it again because the whole next day was absolutely horrible. I wish I would have been able to experience Wednesday Funk Night at G St. Wunderbar, but I never would have been able to get in because the line was so long.

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