Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thoughts From Sam #8 Graduation Dress

I know... I know... we've had like three million posts about this graduation dress. But i still haven't been able to find one. Mostly, because after the first couple fails I decided I would just wear something I already own and call it a day. However, that's not gonna happen.

Everything I own is dark and my cap and gown is navy blue. So.... if I wear something dark I just look like a big blob with my cap and gown. That is so not cute and will not produce cute pictures. My last ditch half effort was to order something from Stitch Fix, but they didn't send me a dress that would work for graduation. I've looked at Macy's, Nordstrom, JcPenny and just nothing has stuck out to me.

So, now it is off to the mall again this weekend. I'm super stressed out about it, but I'm also tempted to just not care. However, I know if I do that I will be extremely unhappy with the result. So, at some point this weekend, hopefully I will try on a bunch of dresses and find the one to wear for graduation.

Side note, since our stoles are bright gold with navy blue trimming if you take grad pictures with just that you need a whole different outfit, but I think I found the outfit i want to take those pictures with, which is already in my closet. YAY!!!

End Rant! Thanks for listening.

Did you find a special dress for graduation? How did you style it? and Where did you get it? I seriously need some help finding one.

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