Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekend Roundup #10

I'm writing this post super late. So.... if there are grammatical errors please forgive me and I think I took like no pictures that saved this weekend. I definitely took a lot, but most of them were on SnapChat. My bad.

This weekend was a good balance between fun and relaxing. I only went out on Friday with one of my good friends. I would say he's a good friend.

Anyways, Thursday I went and watched my friends play bocce ball again. I have a feeling that might become a weekly occurrence. I won't be there for a couple of weeks, but definitely after school is over it probably will be. After the game I got to practice. Its definitely harder then it looks, but I could see how it could be fun if you're drinking. It's nice and easy. It's a lot like bowling which I love to do while drinking.

Sister's car. 
Friday, I drove my sister to the airport at 6am, that was horrible, but I did get to drive her call all weekend. I love my car, but newer cars are just so much nicer.  Then my mom and I went to dinner at Round Table. It was a very nice dinner and talk. Round Table was good, but it wasn't amazing. I still have a tiny craving for pizza because it just wasn't out of the park omg! like I wanted it to be. My mom wanted Round Table and I haven't been there in awhile. So, I was cool with it.

I'm also not a huge fan of round table because its not a true restaurant. You have to go and order your pizza and then they call your name or bring it to you. I like when its a sit down restaSkipolini's, which does this, but my mom said she isn't that big of a fan of it. I love it, but my family does hype it up a lot.
urant and they take your drink order and everything. My family and I normally go to

Then Friday night I just chilled at Farrington's with my friend. I had a pretty good time. It was fuller then the last time I went on a Friday which was nice. I think that Friday was just super weird. I'm sure it happens sometimes. They've been having more bartenders lately which is super nice. I wonder if it's because its getting closer to summer. I just feel like more people go out during the summer.

Saturday, I just went to a grad party at my friends house. It was pretty nice. I unfortunately haven't spent that much time with my friends' friends from college. They were all super nice. It was really nice to hang out with them. I just never wanted to make the drive out there and I like sleeping in my own bed. Plus, I hate meeting a ton of new people all at once. I'm totally fine when its one or two people, just a lot of people make me feel nervous and out of place. However, I didn't really feel that way. So... maybe I should try it again and see how I feel, but I did make my friend go with me. So, that if I didn't have anyone to talk to I could talk to him.

Sunday, I did nothing. I cleaned my room a little preparing for my move and did some homework.

How was your weekend? Do you like to meet people in small or large groups? How do you make it feel less daunting?

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