Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Roundup #11

I was so excited to be getting off work 1. because it was the weekend and 2. because my STITCH FIX box came it. I was beyond excited to go home to it and I definitely wasn't disappointed, but more on that tomorrow.

Friday was pretty boring, everyone I knew was busy or had already put their pajamas on. Which I totally understand. Once, I'm in my comfy clothes and have decided I don't want to go out people have to do some serious convincing to get me to go out. However, for some reason it usually takes me forever to put my pajamas on. Since, I've been working though, its been happening a lot faster. Well, I at least change when I get home and put my workout clothes on.

I did go out with My sister for Quentin's birthday to My Sushi. Yes, the apparently only sushi place I go to. I only had the miso soup because I ate right before she came over, unintentionally of course. They got the rattlesnake role which was apparently amazing. Their raman comes in huge bowls, so, its definitely a filling meal without any extra. Sorry, I don't know much about the taste, my sister seemed to like it, but I didn't try any of it.

We celebrated Quentin's 2nd birthday at PixieLand. I haven't been there in forever. It was a pretty small party. Which, was really nice. I got to spend a lot of time with Quentin. It was a warrior themed party because Quentin loves basketball and of course we had to celebrate the Warrior's championship win.

Quentin had so much fun riding the cars that you drive around. However, since its a little kid theme park the car actually just moves on its own, but he still loved it. They also have tea cups, a drop tower, dragon roller coaster, train, airplanes, and a carousel. Quentin rode everything he could. He had such a fun time, but he was so tired out by the time we left.

I can't believe he's two already. I haven't gotten him a present yet. I like to take them out for a day. I haven't figured out what we should do yet though. I normally let them pick, but Quentin's still a little young for that. I'm thinking maybe the zoo or something. What do you think I should do with him.

Yesterday, I finally moved some of my furniture back from Davis to my parents house in Concord. It was really fast which I was surprised about, but we really didn't move that much. I'm so happy to finally have my bed back and my dresser. My clothes have been awkwardly folded in my closet.

I do have a dresser at home, but i didn't want to pack the dresser just to unpack it a couple weeks later. Basically, I was being a little lazy. I do still need to move the old dresser out of my room though. I think a new shoe rack will go there. I didn't realize how many shoes I owned until I got home. My room will be in for a lot of changes soon. I'm not really sure what I'm doing in general with it. I have two couches at school still that I'm thinking about bringing home, but its gonna be a struggle to fit it all in my room and its a struggle to get them back to my parent's house.

I'm thinking of just giving them to my cousin maybe. I could always find new ones later, but couches are so expensive and these ones are so comfy, but I really have no where to store them. So... we'll see. I still have until the end of August to decide.

Anyways, after that I saw Inside Out with my family. The movie was amazing. It was funny and cute and extremely real and down to earth. I don't know if my nephews got it all, but it definitely resonates with not just kids. Which is totally why I think everyone loves Pixar movies. Its a good movie for everyone to watch.

It was also such a treat to watch Quentin watch a movie. Especially since he doesn't understand you're not really supposed to talk in the theater and if you do you're supposed to whisper. But its ok he's still little, adorable, and everything he said was pretty funny.

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