Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Workout Wednesday!!

me not looking forward to my workout
So, I totally fail at working out during the weekend. So, I may just not try for a little while, but either way. I'm still pretty on track, meaning I think my #1000in30 is still plausible. I got my mom to put my name on the gym back home and I went on Friday. The gym is pretty big. I think I need a tour to find out where everything is though. My family goes to InShape. I'm not sure how popular they are across the country. I feel like a bunch started sprouting up around here like 5 years ago.

I won't be home this weekend because of Finals. So, I think that will help me catch up on some minutes. I really only need to do about 50 a day, but all my workouts are 30 to 45mins. I've been loving PopSugar's Better Body Workout if you guys haven't noticed, but I wish there workouts were a little bit longer. I feel like everyone else goes to the gym forever and I'm in and out. I'm not sure if I'm getting enough of a workout in. Granted, I am getting super sweaty and gross. So, I assume that is at least a good sign.

I did find an amazing app on PopSugar's website called FitFinder. At least, I think you would call it an app. Anyways, you put in your fitness level, the equipment you have, the type of workout you want to do, what part of the body you want to workout, and lastly, the amount of time you have in to the calculator. Then poof it generates a workout for you. Say, you don't like that workout, you just hit try again and a different one comes up. It sounds pretty cool and just playing around with it I found some workouts I want to try already.

Lastly, my last workout tip for the week, Fit Foodie Finds and Ambitious Kitchen are teaming up to give a free 6 week workout and food guide. They're calling it their Summer Sweat Series. I'm super excited about it. I'm always trying to eat more healthy because let's be honest, I have no idea what healthy eating looks like. It's starting June 14th and they have a motivational Facebook page as well. So, come join me joining them.

How's your summer body coming or not coming? Whichever you prefer.

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