Monday, June 8, 2015

Your Last Week of College?

My last week was preceded by my last weekend as an official college student was pretty boring. I mostly did college student things. I did get some sun and go to a baby shower on Saturday. It was so much fun and I got to see some people I haven't seen in forever. Which, was really nice. And I finally found my graduation dress, but you'll have to wait until next week to see it. I can't wait to show you all.

Anyways, onto what to do your last week as a college student.

1. First things first, finish all your finals, but then on to all the fun things.

2. Make sure to embrace your college and remember everything you loved and hated about your experience.

3. Don't be afraid to be sad about it all. It's an amazing experience that you'll never have again.

4.Make sure you've done everything that's special to your college. I'm doing the Davis Trinity on Wednesday and I can't be more excited. I also can't wait to tell you about it. That may take a couple days though. It's three supposedly really strong drinks at three different bars in Davis.

5.  Be excited for graduation. It'll be boring and long and maybe even stressful. Not that I know it for certain yet, but I'm sure when you walk across that stage you'll be beaming with pride.

6. Enjoy your last week. It'll never happen again. Assuming you don't get your final grades 2 weeks later and have to take an extra class.

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