Thursday, July 30, 2015

Saying Goodbye

Sara and Josh have been gone for 2 years now and yet I still hate cemeteries and try my hardest to not go to church. I'm not sure if they still make me sad or if it's the fact that it just makes me think about it which makes me sad. I also really wouldn't know since I do everything to simply not go to those places.

Plus, if I do I desperately try not to go alone. Josh's family as far as I know hasn't done anything for everyone after his year mark. Sara's family goes a lot, but I really only go on her birthday and the anniversary and I always bring someone with me. It doesn't help that her family speaks Spanish, but I dunno I like not going alone. But then again I don't really like meeting anyone alone like out in town, but I'm getting better at it.

If you're wondering what this random post is about, yesterday was Sara's birthday. She would of been 22. I don't know how people who have lost someone so close move on. It appears you just have to keep them in your heart. It does get a little easier every year. Which seems so wrong sometimes, but they would want you to live a happy life. 

So... There's my random sporadic thinking on that.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Marine Corps Weekend

Sorry, this post is coming a day late. I was way too tired to write it yesterday. I'm still pretty tired. I'm ready for bed and its only 9 o'clock. Thursday to Monday was and felt extremely long.

I did have a lot of fun, being with the Marines is always a good time. However, sleeping in tents for 5 days took a major toll on my back. I want a back massage so bad. You have no idea. We were doing probably 16 hour days. Which, I haven't done in forever. So, that in itself was extremely tiring, but on the plus side I made my step count everyday. (and now back to doing like no steps everyday.)

If you've never experienced a range I'm not really sure how well I can explain it to you. When you weren't shooting you were pulling the pits. Which, basically means you were telling the person where they shot and keeping score. It's more relaxing then shooting, but you're still pretty busy.

Sorry for the cussing
I shot in the afternoon when it was ridiculously hot. The rocks were even burning. It made it really hard to shoot. I think I did better then I have shot before which is good because I think I'm a terrible shot. I just can never seem to get into the right position. I feel like I can never see through the RCO correctly and I just have all sorts of issues.

Shooting is definitely one of my least favorite things in the Marine Corps and it also doesn't help that its a deadly weapon in your hands. We ended up not doing the gas chamber, but we still weren't able to leave the range until super late. Basically, this weekend was super long and I'm happy its over and I can relax for at least a little bit before I have to go do Marine stuff for another two weeks. I hope it won't be too bad, but it will just be me and a bunch of higher ups from my unit. So, we'll see how it goes.

I also got a ridiculous face tan. My face is now so much darker then everything else and I feel like it won't get much better after these two weeks. But in the end last year 29 palms was fun. So, I think this year will be as well. P.S. sorry for the cussing, I apparently only saved this one picture. Which makes sense since my phone was mostly dead all weekend.

How was your weekend? Did you have time to do anything fun?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gone Until Tuesday

Hey! So, this post is actually being written in advance for once. And you kind of got two Thoughts From Sam this week. The one yesterday is kinda just my thoughts about my life, but all my posts are written by me. So... they are really all my thoughts. Anyways, I'm getting a little side tracked here.

I didn't write as many pre-written posts as I had hoped, meaning I've just only written this one. And it's really only being written so that you know I'll be missing until Tuesday. By the time you read this, I will be off being a Marine and getting some training in. In my head this statement sounds way more excited then I am. Being in the field, well sleeping in the field, not really my cup of tea.

Not taking a shower for 5 days straight and being in the dirt all that time does not sound like all that fun to me. Plus, its MRE's all day everyday until we go back home on Tuesday. I'm not looking forward to it. Do I love that I can say I've shot an M-16 and that I've thrown a grenade hell yea, I do. However, I don't find it as exciting as one might think and I could do without the whole sleeping in the dirt part.

I like to be clean and in a nice comfy bed. Last year, I think I was sleeping on a rock the whole time. It was horrible. Like, I'm pretty sure I had to go get a massage after. And I had to kill a spider in my tent, granted it was super tiny and I was beyond tired. So, I really didn't care. I killed it and turned over and went back to sleep.

I'm being to think I'm really girly. I can handle all the dirt, the shooting, and the painful sleeping. I'd just prefer not to unless I really really had to. So, while I'm out here doing that until Monday. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and that you enjoy your probably amazingly comfortable bed. See you on Tuesday.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

23 and Single

For as long as I could remember I was always the girl that liked a boy. Not that that isn't true anymore. I always have at least a crush, I think it's just part of who I am.

However, now, what I want is so much different. I used to always want a guy. Not wanting one to call mine doesn't stop me from daydreaming, but it does allow me to be who I want to be now. I want to be able to move at a moments notice. i want to do me and not worry about what anyone else is thinking. I want to live my life for me and no one else. It might be a little selfish, but honestly, I have nothing grounding me. My family will always be my family no matter where I am. 

I want to know that I can be my own person. That I am important, that I should put me first, that my goals are just as important as someone else's. I used to always want to put someone else's goals and passions first. I knew at 18 I couldn't do it if they couldn't put me first too. I guess it just took a little more time to realize what that really meant to me. 

I've always been the girl that gets a guy and his world his life becomes mine. Which is fine, but I put them first and I put my whole heart in and for some reason right now I don't want to do that. I know I'm important and what I should be doing now is focusing on where I want my life to go. Not getting myself tangled up in a guy who's gonna intentionally or not dictate where I go and what I do. 

I'm 23. I'm finally done with school, I have to wait to be finished with the Marine Corps, but really nothing is keeping me from what I want to do. I want to do something with national government and I can do all of that and be in the Marine Corps. I can find another reserve unit. 

All of this is what is offered to me if i'm single. But this doesn't mean if someone truly amazing comes around that I'll push him away. It just means for now, I'm living for me. I've always been a firm believer that if he's the one everything will work out as it should. It doesn't matter if I'm in a bad place or over the moon happy with life. If it's meant to be the two of us would be able to make it work. Whether it be now or two years from now. Everything in our life happens and teaches us something for a reason. I believe you can find your one in the best and worst situations. It just happens when it happens.

P.S. I'm aware of how horrible this picture is, but there's something about it that I'm absolutely in love with. I feel like it describes me right now and maybe that's why. I haven't really decided how that is yet, but it's what I'm going with.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Weekend Roundup #13

Hey! Sorry, I was MIA yesterday. It may be a very frequent occurrence the next few weeks, but more on that at a later date. I had a lot of fun this weekend. More then I thought I was going to. I didn't really have plans Friday morning and then I realized that this was my last free weekend for almost a month. So... I realized I had to do something fun and I was definitely craving clubbing.

I texted one of my oldest and dearest friends and got her to go out with me. It was definitely a needed hang out. I haven't seen her in probably over a month. Which, is never a good thing. One of my friends mentioned to me he was going out to Sac and then it just sounded like the perfect place to be. We didn't even end up running into them, but I had the best time and I'm sooooo happy I went. I'm still definitely in love with The Park. I have no idea why, but I always just have the best time there.

The drive from Concord was absolutely horrible though. It didn't help that Stephanie got off work late and I ended up having to meet her in Livermore. So... I had to drive to Livermore which I thought was a lot closer then it is. (In case you didn't know, I'm terrible at geography. I tend to forget that myself by the way.) Anyways, so, it was a 40 minute drive to Livermore and then still an 1:15 drive to Sac. We got to Sac really late, but because we're adorably cute we got into the club right away. I honestly feel a little bad. I normally don't feel female privilege and I definitely did then.

The club was pretty crowded, but not overly crowded. I never realized how big the patio outside was before. There are three bars in the club. 3, I don't know how I've never noticed that before, but it was really nice. I didn't like the fact that people were smoking weed on the patio which makes me nauseous when I'm sober. So, smelling it while tipsy was definitely not fun at all. Besides all that though, the music was definitely on point. Ask me what played and I'll have no idea, but I know I enjoyed it. The Vodka Redbulls may have been a little more Redbull then Vodka, but they were still pretty good.

A little story on this picture. We went to get pizza after the club closed and they ID us to eat. You can't even serve alcohol after 2am. We were very excused and very annoyed. And for some reason it was a sit down pizza restaurant at 2am and you had to order a whole pizza. It was all very confusing and I definitely don't think I'll ever go there again. Pizza is generally a really good choice, but this place was way too much hassle for pizza and it wasn't even that good.

Saturday morning, I was up super early and running on like 2 hours of sleep. How that happened, I have no idea, but I was. I went over to my sisters and I hung out with her and the boys. It was really nice. Me and my sister talked a lot and the boys were so cute playing outside. It's so crazy how different the two of them are.

However, Xavi is totally a completely in love with his little brother and he takes such good care of him. It's so cute. If i happen to have two kids I definitely hope they're like this. Xavi saw Q sleeping and he went over to cuddle with him for a little while. It was so cute.

After, that I went to a friends birthday party that he has every year. it was different then normal. Usually, there are a lot more shots being taken, but maybe we've finally out grown that because we didn't take nearly that many or at least I didn't have to take that. Many, I did bring some corona for the party. Which, I think people liked. I know I did.

We really all just hung out, ate copious amounts of food. Like seriously, they had every kind of meat you wanted. There was trip-tip, ribs, chicken, oysters and like tons of other food. It was heaven, I couldn't even eat everything I wanted. It was very sad. We played some high-low, cards against humanities, taboo. It was all really fun and then we all went home. It was a very fun, but low key nice. It was nice.

I totally meant to get a picture with the birthday boy, but he was always running all over the place that I totally forgot. I did get that picture of me though. Which, for some reason I really like. I hope you guys had a good weekend.

Did you do anything fun? Celebrate some birthdays?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thoughts From Sam: The Joys of Having a Big Family

As much as having a big family can be stressful and beyond complicated. And the whole reason I only want one child eventually, it has many more ups that I love and never regret. This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my siblings from when we were little. (side note:  I don't remember looking this little last time I saw this photo.) 

I can sleep almost anywhere, as long as the tone of the room doesn't shift to fast.

The house was always filled with noise. Its a little weird when I'm home and its dead quiet. 

I always have someone to talk to. It's just a matter of going down the line. I don't think I've ever had to go all the way through. 

There's always an expert on something, who has the experience to help me. 

Every outing is an adventure, someone always gets mad at someone else or there is always at least one person unhappy about what we're doing. 

My family lives far apart now. So, theres always a built in trip that needs to be taken. 

When we're all together its so much fun and amazing.

However, its ridiculously tiring and overwhelming. So, you need to remember to factor in some me time if you can. But you also need to remember that your time is short and to squeeze in all the memories and pictures that you can. 

I have 3 beautiful nephews and a niece. That I love to spend time with, which allows me to wait many many many more years before I have my own. 

Why do you think big families are great?

My older sisters and I are in the very very beginning stages of planning a sister trip. I can't wait. We're thinking going on a short cruise or something. I'm very excited. Do you have any suggests on what kind of trip we can take? Or where we should go on a cruise? 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Workout Wednesday

To start Workout Wednesday. I'm gonna start with where we went to Happy Hour yesterday. It has nothing to do with working out and is in no way healthy.

After work a couple of us just went to Buffalo Wild Wings down the street from our work. And it was amazing as I remember it. The only time I ever had it was two years ago when I was in 29 palms. We went a lot though because everyone loved it.

The Lemon Pepper chicken is even better at BWWs then at Wing Stop. It has a little more Lemon tang and I love it. BWWs is actually even better then I remember. So, if you're in Antioch or San Ramon you should definitely go check it out.

Yes, I took this picture in a bathroom. I needed to go after we already paid the check. I was worried if I just left my food there they would take it. I loved the chicken. I couldn't have that. I left it on the counter in case you were wondering. I was a little iffy about wanting to take it in at all though.

Anyways, back to what this post is really about. As you know, I decided if I work out 3 times a week for a month, I get a beautiful new pair of running shoes. I'm super excited, they're my background on my phone. I know, its a little silly, but they're so pretty. I don't know how motivating it is though.

I started the Bodyweight Workout Challenge from PopSugar. And its amazing. Its amazing mostly because it means I don't have to leave the house to do it. Which, for me is literally the hardest park about working out. However, the cardio part is still a little hard for me to get to because by the time I want to workout after relaxing its a little dark outside. Which, makes it a little hard to run.

I could probably put on a glow belt and go for a run, but then I feel like a dork. Also, I don't think I have any idea of where it is. I tend to misplace that whenever I actually need it. Anyways, that's my short blip on working out for the week.

How are your workouts going? i hope yours are going better then mine. I feel like mine are just so so.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Skydiving: The Journey

If you read my blog everyday, like I do. you'll know I was super excited to go skydiving last weekend and if you could tell it didn't happen. I was extremely upset when I found out I wasn't going to be able to go. We kept calling and calling the skydiving place, but their phone was either busy or they were closed. It was ridiculous, how could that many people be calling to schedule an appointment.

By Thursday, we simply gave up trying to go this weekend because we figured it was going to be cloudy like it had been all week. Of course of Saturday it was beautifully sunny. Plus, Friday I talked to one of my friends about it and he said he just always walks in, in Lodi. So... we contemplated doing that, but it was already Friday night and we just decided we'd try another weekend. 

However, we didn't realize another weekend would be 4 weeks from now. I have Marine Corps stuff do not this weekend, but the weekend after and then I'm gone for 2 weeks to 29 Palms. Oh joy! 

I'm a little worried skydiving might just not be in the cards for me. I've been wanting to go since probably my senior year in High School, but somehow I've never found a chance to go. I could never justify spending the money and now when I have the money, I apparently can't find the time. Which seems absolutely ridiculous to me. 

I have a feeling jumping out of an airplane isn't that hard for some people, but for me. It's been quite the annoying journey. I'm so.... ready to just get it over with already. I want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. If you ask my friend Adam why he'll say I'm an adrenaline junky, but I don't think so. I think it will just be ridiculously funny. We all just need a little fun in our lives and to cross things off your bucket lists. This is definitely one I plan on crossing off before the year is up. 

How was your journey skydiving? Was it as difficult as mine? 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend Roundup #12

This weekend wasn't what I expected and definitely did not go as planned, but it ended up being both relaxing and fun.

Friday started off with work of course, but once a month the company treats each team to lunch and we wanted to go on Friday. We ended up going to Firehouse 37 again because it has a little bit of everything for everyone. 

The food was ok. I definitely wish I tried the salad or something though. I had a plain old burger. It was good, but it wasn't out of the park amazing or anything. We got jalapeño poppers which were pretty good, but way too hot for me. I ended up having to take out the jalapeño and just eat the cheese mixture. We also got some nachos, but there was just too much stuff on them for them to be very good. Then I finally got my hamburger and to be honest there weren't even enough fries on my plate. In case you guys didn't know by now, fries are one of the best things ever. At least, I think so. 

After a long week, I really just wanted to get some drinks. Nothing big. So, I texted one of my friends and we just hung out and caught up at his house. He's literally gone like all summer, only home for like a week at a time. It's pretty crazy.

We ended up watching Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters movie. It was pretty good, but I was confused for like the first 15 mins because I had absolutely no idea what was happening. I think it was a sequel, but I also had never even heard of Percy Jackson before. However, by the time I figured out what was happening, it was pretty good, it had a little excitement and a little mystery. It's very possible I was the only one who sees the mystery, since I was so lost. That was basically my Friday.

Saturday, I skyped my sister for a little bit and she asked me if I wanted to go to a surprise party for her friend Jen with her. I didn't have any other plans and her friend Jen has always been really nice. So, I told her i would go. I'm really happy I did too because it ended up being pretty fun. 

We all just hung out and drank. I met a lot of really nice people. Kristina wants to go karaoke with them all soon. We planned pool and there was a nice fire outside. It was just a really nice hangout. I hope one day I have that many nice friends. I'm always a little nervous going to parties where there are a bunch of people I don't know. I'm just worried I'll feel left out and won't know what to say. However, lately I think I've been a lot better about it. 

Sunday, I got lunch with some friends in Downtown Walnut Creek. We went to 54 Mint - il forno. I have a feeling it is a real Italian caffe. There were a couple people in there speaking Italian. Well, I'm 90% sure it was Italian, but I wasn't really listening and the guy was wearing a Brazil flag on his shirt. So, I was very confused. 
Anyways, I ordered the focaccia California. The focaccia sulami that I actually wanted is only on the dinner menu. It was ok, but mostly because I love avocado. The bread was crispier then I would of liked and it took forever to come to our table. All in all I don't think I would order it again. I would maybe try the actual resturant in concord for pasta, but that's about it. I don't think I've ever been let down by Italian. So... I'm a little bummed.

After that we just walked around downtown, looking into the shops and what not. Alexis found a shirt at forever and I found this amazing dress at Banana Republic for only $26 dollars and its originally $140. I was so excited by my find because it fits so well. Only down fall is that I can't zip up the dress myself. I'll have to find a hack to fix that. 

I'm absolutely in love with the dress. I love the neckline and that it has sleeves. The super cute mint Kate Spade purse I want would go perfectly with it, but that purchase will need to wait a little bit longer. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Favorites

I've noticed for awhile now that a lot of bloggers post Friday Favorites. So.... I thought I would give it a try. However, as we all know, I'm not very good at serial pieces. Then again, I can't write a workout post when the only workout I've done all week is get up to get snacks from my desk. Also keep in mind, as you read this post, please keep in mind that this is the second time I'm writing this because I lost the first version. This one I don't think is nearly as good in case you were wondering. 

1. In n Out
When I originally wrote this I was in the drive thru line at in n out. I was desperately waiting for one. It was a pick me up for the fact that I had to wait an hour for my car battery to be jumped because silly me left the lights on all day. It was foggy in the morning. I hate turning my lights on in the day because I've left them on once before and had to jump my car then too.

2. The weekend
I've been really tired this week for some reason. So, I'm definitely looking forward to enjoying my weekend and hopefully catching up on a little sleep. I'm also hoping to hang out with some friends because I feel like I haven't done that in forever and I miss it.

3. My Fitbit
The first Fitbit I got on Tuesday of this week actually didn't even work. I was super disappointed. However, I downloaded the app before I found that out. The app made me ever more excited to get my Fitbit. It calculates like everything. It seems pretty amazing. It counts your sleep, your food, your water, calories, and activity time. Obviously some of the information needs to be imputed yourself, but I was still so... excited for it.

Then it came in the mail again today and i was so anxious and nervous to try it out. I was totally scared it wasn't gonna work again. That me wanting this Fitbit just wasn't meant to be. Then it worked!! I haven't really walked much, but hopefully tomorrow, I will see how much I'm moving and how much more I'm supposed to be moving. Apparently everyone needs to do at least 10,000 steps a day. So, I need to get those feet moving tomorrow.

4. Unreal
I continually heard about Unreal on Facebook and after awhile I finally decided to check it out. And boy can I tell you, I don't regret it at all. I love it. It doesn't help that I love the main character. The show depicts how a reality dating show really works, showing the behind the scenes. How the producers interact with the contests to create the drama. 

5. No Facebook
Earlier in the week, I finally decided to take my much needed break from Facebook. Anyone, who I truly want to keep in contact with I have their phone number and I'll contact them if I need to. I was just spending too much time and it really just provided a bunch of information I didn't need to know.

 I do go to the webpage every now and then out of habit. Then I promptly change the page when I realize I have to log it. It is getting better though and I really don't miss it unless I'm super bored. Like when I was waiting for the Triple AAA guy to jump my car. So, no Facebook has been good. I have more time to not do what I'm supposed to be doing and no more information that I don't need. 

What are your favorite things about the week?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thoughts From Sam: Reward Systems

At first thought I think aren't reward systems meant for the 2 year old who is potty training? Or the 5 year old who is just starting school and needs to do his homework? And so one and so forth. It turns out they are not. That to get rewards are a good way to get people to do things, this definitely includes me.

I've been desperately trying to work out more and granted I've been working out more then I have been on my own in like ever. I've worked out a lot whenever I was on active duty in the Marine Corps. Which, was amazing because I came home with a pretty nice body if I must say so myself.

However, someone else was telling me I had to work out and the fact that if I did I would get in trouble if I didn't show up definitely kept me actually going to the workout session. However, peer pressure works really well for me when it comes to working out. I hate when other people see me fail at something, especially physical fitness because I don't see myself as that unfit. So, I feel like I have to be as good as everyone else.

However, I've realized I'm not nearly as fit as I should be and I'm not as toned as I would like to be. So, I've decided I'm doing something about it. Which I am working out more, but I just don't feel like its enough. Even though, I'm working out probably about 3 times a week and for 30 minutes. I really don't know if I'm seeing any results. Ok, that's probably because three times a week is an exaggeration. It's probably more like two and me yelling at myself in my head the other five days to do it.

However, something is better then nothing right? So, I need to hit the gym more often, at least three times a week. So, I think that will be my goal for the first month. I'm thinking I'm going to reward myself with new running shoes. I have three pairs, but they're all pretty old and the newest pair which is still at least a year old gives me a blister on my ankle. So, definitely time for some new ones.

Does that sound like a good reward for working out? These are my current choices. Which is your favorite? I'm leaning towards the first and the middle I think. Plus I already have two pairs of Dual Fusion and I love them.

I need a reward for a work/job goal I have too, but I really can't think of anything. And I fear if I do the same reward for both, I'll just do nothing, which doesn't help accomplish anything. How do you reward yourself with making work/job goal?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Firehouse No. 37

Or as I like to call it Firestone. My coworkers must of told me the name of this bar/restaurant at least 5 times before I was finally able to recall that it was Firehouse and not Firestone. Which if you really want to know was right when I wrote this post and even now I'm a little skeptical the name is Firehouse. But I'll verify that when I get the link to their website.

I've been here once before for one of my brother-in-law, Charlie Spinks', comedy shows. The happy hour drink prices didn't seem that happy hour, but they still weren't expensive. The food prices for happy hour were pretty good though. I think my coworkers definitely want to go their again.

I got a Tremor beer which was only $4 and a mini pizza which was $5.99. The beer price is pretty average $4 or $5 normally at least that's how much my corona is. Is tremor a more high class beer? You tell me because I don't know beer at all. My mini pizza was ok, the cheese tasted a little funny. I think I would order something else next time. Plus, I like the flat pepperonis, not the ones that form a half circle.

I don't think they brew the beer I ordered
The vibe of the place was really nice. It's not to crowded there were a couple tables of people in the bar section and the the chairs at the bar were mostly full. But it was a nice quiet mumble. It felt like a come hang out with your friends after work kind of place. Not to loud or dead quiet. I think there was only one server though which was why the service was a little slow. I'm not really a fan of slow service, but I don't think anyone is.

Besides that though, it was really nice to go out with my coworkers and just get to know them. This was my first outing with them and it was really fun. I was surprised by how welcoming they were and that they invited me to come. We all just talked about random things aka not work. I'm definitely looking forward to doing it again. On Friday we have our team lunch. So, I think that will be fun. It's a totally different group of people, but they're all really nice. All in all, so far I'm liking my new job, everyone is really nice, the work is pretty easy, and they get drinks quite often I think which I'm totally cool with.

How do you start to get to know your new coworkers? Are they welcoming? or do you feel left out?

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Monday Feels

Me feeling beyond tired
So... I know yesterday, I said I felt like the weekend was long until Sunday night rolled around. Well... Monday morning it got even worse because you know, you actually have to get up and go to work.

I realized my lovely relaxing weekend was officially gone, but it does mean I'm one day closer to checking something off my bucket list. SKYDIVING here I come. Well, if we ever get ahold of them to schedule an appointment. It's literally been the hardest part about going skydiving, at least until I actually have to jump out of the airplane.

I know its going to be so much fun, but jumping out of the plane is probably going to be so hard. I miss being young. I used to be able to jump off of anything without fear. When I was little we practiced helicopter repelling. You basically, just jump off of a pole with a rope and fall to the group. It's repelling without the wall. And if you don't have enough slack your head will smack the pole.

Besides, me now being afraid of heights, I am beyond excited. The idea of finally getting to go sky diving is going to get me through this week that feels like it is going to last forever. I am hoping that feeling subsides a little bit. 

Basically, next time I say why oh why isn't the work week here yet. Someone please remind me that this means I have to wake up early and actually go to work. This was clearly something I didn't realize. When I was wishing the weekend was over. I think I was more wishing for the busy weekend to pass. Weekends are enjoyable when they're busy, but then you need a day to relax, its like when you need a vacation after a vacation. 

Anyways, back to reality. How was your Monday after the long weekend? Were you wishing it was the weekend already too? 

Until tomorrow,

Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July Weekend

I hope your weekend was as fun as mine. It had a lot of relaxation and fun. However, the 3 day weekend felt a little long. Which is very strange. How could one extra day make the feel that much longer, but it really did and by Sunday I was ready for it to end. Until I realized Sunday night I had to  actually go back to work tomorrow.

During the day I just hung out at home and relaxed. It was so nice to wake up late and have nothing to do and know that I still had the weekend to look forward to. Then Friday Night I hung out with Alexis and her family to enjoy the 4th of July Parade in Benicia. The Parade was forever long and had the most random things in it. I think it was more of a moving advertisement. They had plumbers and sewage trucks. It was all very strange.

However, before the parade they had a BBQ at her uncles house. The food was all homemade I think, or at least most of it was. It was so good. I wanted to eat more, but my stomach just couldn't hold it all. It was a little sad.

After, the parade we went downtown to get some drinks. We went to a place called Rookies. It was really busy, but the vibe was really weird. Everyone was talking really loud and there was no music. I dunno. I didn't really like the vibe. However, we're pretty sure it was just so busy because everyone was already downtown for the parade and so, they just went out after. Plus, more people were in town then normal because of the holiday.

The drinks were good though. They had a nice little downtown, but I could see how it couldn't be that much fun just because not many people would go out there to get drinks. I would maybe try it again sometime, but I have a feeling Benicia downtown would be a let down. Walnut Creek would be better.

On 4th of July I woke up super early to go to this Parade in Redwood City. I went with my Young Marine group from when I was little. It was really nice to see some people I haven't seen in forever. However, the program seems really different now. I may start to volunteer some, but early weekends don't sound like any fun at all.

The parade was pretty cool. I didn't really get to see anything in the parade since I walked with them. However, the parade seemed so much shorter then when I was little. Maybe its because I could look around more and in a way enjoy it.

After the parade my friend and I who was in the program with me went and got lunch. We went to Sakura Teppanyaki and Sushi. I got the chicken lunch boat with fried rice. It was so good. I was really full, which I was really surprised about because it didn't look like that much food originally. The lunch boat included, miso soup, salad, edamame, orange slices, chicken, California Rolls, and tempura. Ok, stating it all it sounds like a lot, but That's just like a bento box right? Basically, I was super full.

After, lunch I went to Sunnyvale and went to a house party with one of my Marine friends. It was super fun. Everyone was really nice, we BBQ'd and just hung out and drank. I was pretty surprised with how much fun I had because usually its kind of awkward at first, but everyone was so nice. And they included me and talked to me. I really liked them all.

My favorite part of the night was the fireworks. They were a little scary because they were so close, but they were absolutely beautiful and exactly what I needed. I haven't seen good fireworks in forever and it felt like our own personal show. It was amazing.

Yesterday, I just relaxed, hung out with my sister and my nephews, and I napped. Yea, I really did nothing.

My nephews were full of energy today. They were laughing and screaming all over the place, I couldn't contain them. I'm pretty sure they probably gave my ribs some bruises. I was just trying to tickle them so they'd stop jumping on top of me. It was really fun though to play with them. They're cuter when they're not just parked in front of the TV or a smart phone. Those kids love their technology.

I started falling asleep on my sisters' floor. So, when I left her house I came home and napped. Napping is amazing though, I haven't been napping enough since I started working. It is definitely a luxury of the young. That sounds weird because I wouldn't say I'm old. I'm not even a quarter century yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to where my life takes me. As one door closes another door opens right?

How did you guys spend your 4th of July? What did you do to celebrate?

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thoughts from Sam #9 My Favorite Things about Summer

Recently, I've been thinking about my favorite things a lot. And seeing inside out last weekend and my core memories have really got me thinking. What are my core memories? I currently have three favorite things on mind.

1. 4th of July
Every year right about now I get super anxious and excited to see the fireworks on the 4th. They've always been my favorite part about this holiday. I don't really know why. However, I can't really remember the last amazing firework show I saw. It was probably about a decade ago. So... my idea of fireworks might not even be real. However, I still love them and I think I'll hope to see them every year.

Sadly, this year it looks like its not gonna happen again. That's ok though. I have many more years to see amazing fireworks. It does always make me a little sad when I don't see any though.

2. Those car rides at amusement parks.
I'm not really sure what they're called, but I loved driving the cars around on those tracks when I was little. I still love them. I was so excited to share that with Quentin last weekend. Even though this one we could really drive ourself.

The ones with the gas pedal and you can actually steer the car are my absolute favorite. I think it's because I couldn't drive at the time. For the longest time I wasn't very good at holding down the gas pedal as I drove. But don't worry I'm a lot better at it now.

This is a picture of the track of Autotopia at DisneyLand. I love this ride. I always have to ride it when I go to disneyland. The grass looks pretty bad here, but we're not even in the drought at that time. This picture was taken almost 4 years ago.

3. Blackberry Picking
If you didn't already know it by my blog name, now you do. I love blackberry picking and its the epitome of summer. They're only ripe in the nice warm sun. In Pennsylvania you could pick them in so many place and you could do it in a short little trip. I think we used to be able to pick them from one park to the next. I'm not really sure.

I was pretty little and kind of just followed my family around the bushes. I ate the really good blackberries and attempted to not get poked by the thorns on the rare occasion I actually picked some. I think I always went home with more in my belly then in my basket.

Summer is full of fun and things that you usually can't do any other time of the year. I feel like many of my favorite things haven't been happening recently. However, there's always time for new favorite things. That's why I'll be going sky diving in a couple weeks.  As much as I hate heights, I love them. I'll make sure to let you know all about my probably new favorite summer activity.

What are your favorite things about summer? Do you have anything new and exciting planned?