Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July Weekend

I hope your weekend was as fun as mine. It had a lot of relaxation and fun. However, the 3 day weekend felt a little long. Which is very strange. How could one extra day make the feel that much longer, but it really did and by Sunday I was ready for it to end. Until I realized Sunday night I had to  actually go back to work tomorrow.

During the day I just hung out at home and relaxed. It was so nice to wake up late and have nothing to do and know that I still had the weekend to look forward to. Then Friday Night I hung out with Alexis and her family to enjoy the 4th of July Parade in Benicia. The Parade was forever long and had the most random things in it. I think it was more of a moving advertisement. They had plumbers and sewage trucks. It was all very strange.

However, before the parade they had a BBQ at her uncles house. The food was all homemade I think, or at least most of it was. It was so good. I wanted to eat more, but my stomach just couldn't hold it all. It was a little sad.

After, the parade we went downtown to get some drinks. We went to a place called Rookies. It was really busy, but the vibe was really weird. Everyone was talking really loud and there was no music. I dunno. I didn't really like the vibe. However, we're pretty sure it was just so busy because everyone was already downtown for the parade and so, they just went out after. Plus, more people were in town then normal because of the holiday.

The drinks were good though. They had a nice little downtown, but I could see how it couldn't be that much fun just because not many people would go out there to get drinks. I would maybe try it again sometime, but I have a feeling Benicia downtown would be a let down. Walnut Creek would be better.

On 4th of July I woke up super early to go to this Parade in Redwood City. I went with my Young Marine group from when I was little. It was really nice to see some people I haven't seen in forever. However, the program seems really different now. I may start to volunteer some, but early weekends don't sound like any fun at all.

The parade was pretty cool. I didn't really get to see anything in the parade since I walked with them. However, the parade seemed so much shorter then when I was little. Maybe its because I could look around more and in a way enjoy it.

After the parade my friend and I who was in the program with me went and got lunch. We went to Sakura Teppanyaki and Sushi. I got the chicken lunch boat with fried rice. It was so good. I was really full, which I was really surprised about because it didn't look like that much food originally. The lunch boat included, miso soup, salad, edamame, orange slices, chicken, California Rolls, and tempura. Ok, stating it all it sounds like a lot, but That's just like a bento box right? Basically, I was super full.

After, lunch I went to Sunnyvale and went to a house party with one of my Marine friends. It was super fun. Everyone was really nice, we BBQ'd and just hung out and drank. I was pretty surprised with how much fun I had because usually its kind of awkward at first, but everyone was so nice. And they included me and talked to me. I really liked them all.

My favorite part of the night was the fireworks. They were a little scary because they were so close, but they were absolutely beautiful and exactly what I needed. I haven't seen good fireworks in forever and it felt like our own personal show. It was amazing.

Yesterday, I just relaxed, hung out with my sister and my nephews, and I napped. Yea, I really did nothing.

My nephews were full of energy today. They were laughing and screaming all over the place, I couldn't contain them. I'm pretty sure they probably gave my ribs some bruises. I was just trying to tickle them so they'd stop jumping on top of me. It was really fun though to play with them. They're cuter when they're not just parked in front of the TV or a smart phone. Those kids love their technology.

I started falling asleep on my sisters' floor. So, when I left her house I came home and napped. Napping is amazing though, I haven't been napping enough since I started working. It is definitely a luxury of the young. That sounds weird because I wouldn't say I'm old. I'm not even a quarter century yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to where my life takes me. As one door closes another door opens right?

How did you guys spend your 4th of July? What did you do to celebrate?

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