Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Firehouse No. 37

Or as I like to call it Firestone. My coworkers must of told me the name of this bar/restaurant at least 5 times before I was finally able to recall that it was Firehouse and not Firestone. Which if you really want to know was right when I wrote this post and even now I'm a little skeptical the name is Firehouse. But I'll verify that when I get the link to their website.

I've been here once before for one of my brother-in-law, Charlie Spinks', comedy shows. The happy hour drink prices didn't seem that happy hour, but they still weren't expensive. The food prices for happy hour were pretty good though. I think my coworkers definitely want to go their again.

I got a Tremor beer which was only $4 and a mini pizza which was $5.99. The beer price is pretty average $4 or $5 normally at least that's how much my corona is. Is tremor a more high class beer? You tell me because I don't know beer at all. My mini pizza was ok, the cheese tasted a little funny. I think I would order something else next time. Plus, I like the flat pepperonis, not the ones that form a half circle.

I don't think they brew the beer I ordered
The vibe of the place was really nice. It's not to crowded there were a couple tables of people in the bar section and the the chairs at the bar were mostly full. But it was a nice quiet mumble. It felt like a come hang out with your friends after work kind of place. Not to loud or dead quiet. I think there was only one server though which was why the service was a little slow. I'm not really a fan of slow service, but I don't think anyone is.

Besides that though, it was really nice to go out with my coworkers and just get to know them. This was my first outing with them and it was really fun. I was surprised by how welcoming they were and that they invited me to come. We all just talked about random things aka not work. I'm definitely looking forward to doing it again. On Friday we have our team lunch. So, I think that will be fun. It's a totally different group of people, but they're all really nice. All in all, so far I'm liking my new job, everyone is really nice, the work is pretty easy, and they get drinks quite often I think which I'm totally cool with.

How do you start to get to know your new coworkers? Are they welcoming? or do you feel left out?

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