Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gone Until Tuesday

Hey! So, this post is actually being written in advance for once. And you kind of got two Thoughts From Sam this week. The one yesterday is kinda just my thoughts about my life, but all my posts are written by me. So... they are really all my thoughts. Anyways, I'm getting a little side tracked here.

I didn't write as many pre-written posts as I had hoped, meaning I've just only written this one. And it's really only being written so that you know I'll be missing until Tuesday. By the time you read this, I will be off being a Marine and getting some training in. In my head this statement sounds way more excited then I am. Being in the field, well sleeping in the field, not really my cup of tea.

Not taking a shower for 5 days straight and being in the dirt all that time does not sound like all that fun to me. Plus, its MRE's all day everyday until we go back home on Tuesday. I'm not looking forward to it. Do I love that I can say I've shot an M-16 and that I've thrown a grenade hell yea, I do. However, I don't find it as exciting as one might think and I could do without the whole sleeping in the dirt part.

I like to be clean and in a nice comfy bed. Last year, I think I was sleeping on a rock the whole time. It was horrible. Like, I'm pretty sure I had to go get a massage after. And I had to kill a spider in my tent, granted it was super tiny and I was beyond tired. So, I really didn't care. I killed it and turned over and went back to sleep.

I'm being to think I'm really girly. I can handle all the dirt, the shooting, and the painful sleeping. I'd just prefer not to unless I really really had to. So, while I'm out here doing that until Monday. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and that you enjoy your probably amazingly comfortable bed. See you on Tuesday.

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