Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Monday Feels

Me feeling beyond tired
So... I know yesterday, I said I felt like the weekend was long until Sunday night rolled around. Well... Monday morning it got even worse because you know, you actually have to get up and go to work.

I realized my lovely relaxing weekend was officially gone, but it does mean I'm one day closer to checking something off my bucket list. SKYDIVING here I come. Well, if we ever get ahold of them to schedule an appointment. It's literally been the hardest part about going skydiving, at least until I actually have to jump out of the airplane.

I know its going to be so much fun, but jumping out of the plane is probably going to be so hard. I miss being young. I used to be able to jump off of anything without fear. When I was little we practiced helicopter repelling. You basically, just jump off of a pole with a rope and fall to the group. It's repelling without the wall. And if you don't have enough slack your head will smack the pole.

Besides, me now being afraid of heights, I am beyond excited. The idea of finally getting to go sky diving is going to get me through this week that feels like it is going to last forever. I am hoping that feeling subsides a little bit. 

Basically, next time I say why oh why isn't the work week here yet. Someone please remind me that this means I have to wake up early and actually go to work. This was clearly something I didn't realize. When I was wishing the weekend was over. I think I was more wishing for the busy weekend to pass. Weekends are enjoyable when they're busy, but then you need a day to relax, its like when you need a vacation after a vacation. 

Anyways, back to reality. How was your Monday after the long weekend? Were you wishing it was the weekend already too? 

Until tomorrow,

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