Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thoughts from Sam #9 My Favorite Things about Summer

Recently, I've been thinking about my favorite things a lot. And seeing inside out last weekend and my core memories have really got me thinking. What are my core memories? I currently have three favorite things on mind.

1. 4th of July
Every year right about now I get super anxious and excited to see the fireworks on the 4th. They've always been my favorite part about this holiday. I don't really know why. However, I can't really remember the last amazing firework show I saw. It was probably about a decade ago. So... my idea of fireworks might not even be real. However, I still love them and I think I'll hope to see them every year.

Sadly, this year it looks like its not gonna happen again. That's ok though. I have many more years to see amazing fireworks. It does always make me a little sad when I don't see any though.

2. Those car rides at amusement parks.
I'm not really sure what they're called, but I loved driving the cars around on those tracks when I was little. I still love them. I was so excited to share that with Quentin last weekend. Even though this one we could really drive ourself.

The ones with the gas pedal and you can actually steer the car are my absolute favorite. I think it's because I couldn't drive at the time. For the longest time I wasn't very good at holding down the gas pedal as I drove. But don't worry I'm a lot better at it now.

This is a picture of the track of Autotopia at DisneyLand. I love this ride. I always have to ride it when I go to disneyland. The grass looks pretty bad here, but we're not even in the drought at that time. This picture was taken almost 4 years ago.

3. Blackberry Picking
If you didn't already know it by my blog name, now you do. I love blackberry picking and its the epitome of summer. They're only ripe in the nice warm sun. In Pennsylvania you could pick them in so many place and you could do it in a short little trip. I think we used to be able to pick them from one park to the next. I'm not really sure.

I was pretty little and kind of just followed my family around the bushes. I ate the really good blackberries and attempted to not get poked by the thorns on the rare occasion I actually picked some. I think I always went home with more in my belly then in my basket.

Summer is full of fun and things that you usually can't do any other time of the year. I feel like many of my favorite things haven't been happening recently. However, there's always time for new favorite things. That's why I'll be going sky diving in a couple weeks.  As much as I hate heights, I love them. I'll make sure to let you know all about my probably new favorite summer activity.

What are your favorite things about summer? Do you have anything new and exciting planned? 

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