Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thoughts From Sam: The Joys of Having a Big Family

As much as having a big family can be stressful and beyond complicated. And the whole reason I only want one child eventually, it has many more ups that I love and never regret. This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my siblings from when we were little. (side note:  I don't remember looking this little last time I saw this photo.) 

I can sleep almost anywhere, as long as the tone of the room doesn't shift to fast.

The house was always filled with noise. Its a little weird when I'm home and its dead quiet. 

I always have someone to talk to. It's just a matter of going down the line. I don't think I've ever had to go all the way through. 

There's always an expert on something, who has the experience to help me. 

Every outing is an adventure, someone always gets mad at someone else or there is always at least one person unhappy about what we're doing. 

My family lives far apart now. So, theres always a built in trip that needs to be taken. 

When we're all together its so much fun and amazing.

However, its ridiculously tiring and overwhelming. So, you need to remember to factor in some me time if you can. But you also need to remember that your time is short and to squeeze in all the memories and pictures that you can. 

I have 3 beautiful nephews and a niece. That I love to spend time with, which allows me to wait many many many more years before I have my own. 

Why do you think big families are great?

My older sisters and I are in the very very beginning stages of planning a sister trip. I can't wait. We're thinking going on a short cruise or something. I'm very excited. Do you have any suggests on what kind of trip we can take? Or where we should go on a cruise? 

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