Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thoughts From Sam: Reward Systems

At first thought I think aren't reward systems meant for the 2 year old who is potty training? Or the 5 year old who is just starting school and needs to do his homework? And so one and so forth. It turns out they are not. That to get rewards are a good way to get people to do things, this definitely includes me.

I've been desperately trying to work out more and granted I've been working out more then I have been on my own in like ever. I've worked out a lot whenever I was on active duty in the Marine Corps. Which, was amazing because I came home with a pretty nice body if I must say so myself.

However, someone else was telling me I had to work out and the fact that if I did I would get in trouble if I didn't show up definitely kept me actually going to the workout session. However, peer pressure works really well for me when it comes to working out. I hate when other people see me fail at something, especially physical fitness because I don't see myself as that unfit. So, I feel like I have to be as good as everyone else.

However, I've realized I'm not nearly as fit as I should be and I'm not as toned as I would like to be. So, I've decided I'm doing something about it. Which I am working out more, but I just don't feel like its enough. Even though, I'm working out probably about 3 times a week and for 30 minutes. I really don't know if I'm seeing any results. Ok, that's probably because three times a week is an exaggeration. It's probably more like two and me yelling at myself in my head the other five days to do it.

However, something is better then nothing right? So, I need to hit the gym more often, at least three times a week. So, I think that will be my goal for the first month. I'm thinking I'm going to reward myself with new running shoes. I have three pairs, but they're all pretty old and the newest pair which is still at least a year old gives me a blister on my ankle. So, definitely time for some new ones.

Does that sound like a good reward for working out? These are my current choices. Which is your favorite? I'm leaning towards the first and the middle I think. Plus I already have two pairs of Dual Fusion and I love them.

I need a reward for a work/job goal I have too, but I really can't think of anything. And I fear if I do the same reward for both, I'll just do nothing, which doesn't help accomplish anything. How do you reward yourself with making work/job goal?

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