Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend Roundup #12

This weekend wasn't what I expected and definitely did not go as planned, but it ended up being both relaxing and fun.

Friday started off with work of course, but once a month the company treats each team to lunch and we wanted to go on Friday. We ended up going to Firehouse 37 again because it has a little bit of everything for everyone. 

The food was ok. I definitely wish I tried the salad or something though. I had a plain old burger. It was good, but it wasn't out of the park amazing or anything. We got jalapeño poppers which were pretty good, but way too hot for me. I ended up having to take out the jalapeño and just eat the cheese mixture. We also got some nachos, but there was just too much stuff on them for them to be very good. Then I finally got my hamburger and to be honest there weren't even enough fries on my plate. In case you guys didn't know by now, fries are one of the best things ever. At least, I think so. 

After a long week, I really just wanted to get some drinks. Nothing big. So, I texted one of my friends and we just hung out and caught up at his house. He's literally gone like all summer, only home for like a week at a time. It's pretty crazy.

We ended up watching Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters movie. It was pretty good, but I was confused for like the first 15 mins because I had absolutely no idea what was happening. I think it was a sequel, but I also had never even heard of Percy Jackson before. However, by the time I figured out what was happening, it was pretty good, it had a little excitement and a little mystery. It's very possible I was the only one who sees the mystery, since I was so lost. That was basically my Friday.

Saturday, I skyped my sister for a little bit and she asked me if I wanted to go to a surprise party for her friend Jen with her. I didn't have any other plans and her friend Jen has always been really nice. So, I told her i would go. I'm really happy I did too because it ended up being pretty fun. 

We all just hung out and drank. I met a lot of really nice people. Kristina wants to go karaoke with them all soon. We planned pool and there was a nice fire outside. It was just a really nice hangout. I hope one day I have that many nice friends. I'm always a little nervous going to parties where there are a bunch of people I don't know. I'm just worried I'll feel left out and won't know what to say. However, lately I think I've been a lot better about it. 

Sunday, I got lunch with some friends in Downtown Walnut Creek. We went to 54 Mint - il forno. I have a feeling it is a real Italian caffe. There were a couple people in there speaking Italian. Well, I'm 90% sure it was Italian, but I wasn't really listening and the guy was wearing a Brazil flag on his shirt. So, I was very confused. 
Anyways, I ordered the focaccia California. The focaccia sulami that I actually wanted is only on the dinner menu. It was ok, but mostly because I love avocado. The bread was crispier then I would of liked and it took forever to come to our table. All in all I don't think I would order it again. I would maybe try the actual resturant in concord for pasta, but that's about it. I don't think I've ever been let down by Italian. So... I'm a little bummed.

After that we just walked around downtown, looking into the shops and what not. Alexis found a shirt at forever and I found this amazing dress at Banana Republic for only $26 dollars and its originally $140. I was so excited by my find because it fits so well. Only down fall is that I can't zip up the dress myself. I'll have to find a hack to fix that. 

I'm absolutely in love with the dress. I love the neckline and that it has sleeves. The super cute mint Kate Spade purse I want would go perfectly with it, but that purchase will need to wait a little bit longer. 

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