Tuesday, August 4, 2015

MOD Pizza

Last week, when I was out in Brentwood my friend and I found this amazing pizza place. I was waiting in line and I was a little skeptical about it all. At MOD Pizza you get a series of three sizes of pizza and you simply pay for the size. It is not based off of the number of toppings you have, which I've never seen before. They place the sauce and the topping right in front of you. I really don't know why, but I just got a weird vibe that it wouldn't be that good.

We ended up getting the MOD pizza which is a double crust. In the middle it is just the sauce and cheese. We chose a christmas sauce I believe they called it which is the normal marinara sauce and pesto sauce. On my half of the pizza I got pepperoni, mushrooms, and sausage. It was so good and it was definitely enough pizza for the two of us with the double crust. We only got an 11 inch which sounded kinda small to me at first. We did eat most of it. I was actually a little too full, I didn't eat my whole half of the pizza.

They also serve fresh lemonade, beer and wine. I got the Sauvignon blanc. It was pretty good, but I definitely would of preferred a wine glass. They served it in an oversized shot glass. It was really weird and I spilled some trying to get to my seat. It wasn't very effective. However, they did serve the pizza really fast. It probably took like 5 - 10 minutes to cook after we sat down. And the lemonade was really good. I wish I got that instead of my wine because it was also like soda fountain drinks and was refillable.

So... if you're out in brentwood or there happens to be another MOD Pizza near you, you should definitely try it. It was only like $12 dollars, it was delicious, and it was fast. I wish I lived closer to it.

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