Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My Day in Vegas.

Garden in the Belagio
So, finally! My Vegas update. I've been ridiculously busy lately and I feel so bad for neglecting my blog. Anyways, onto how absolutely amazing I thought Vegas was. At the beginning of the week we kind of decided we were going to go to Vegas for the weekend, but Thursday night before we left it was settled for sure for sure that time. However, I was still skeptical if it was going to happen.

Everything, with the Marines went to late on Friday. So, we couldn't leave that night. We ended up leaving about 11 or noon on Saturday, meaning we didn't even spend 24 hours in Vegas. Which is crazy because of how much I loved it.

We got in on Saturday around 3. We drove up and down the strip before we went and checked into our hotel. Which, was a huge ordeal, we definitely should of reserved a room before we got that, but that will definitely happen before I go next time. After what felt like forever for us to sort out the hotel we finally went and ate. Which was the first and last thing I ate all day. Which probably wasn't the best idea.

The buffet in the Planet Hollywood Hotel was absolutely amazing. If you go to vegas you should definitely go check it out. Not that I can judge it against any other buffet, but it was good. Everything for the macaroni to the tri tip. Yes, i said tri tip, that was perfectly medium rare. It was amazing. I would of have another slice of it if I didn't think they would think I was fat. Plus, I was a little full from all the other food I ate and the beer. We got all you could drink. So, I drank all I could drink while sitting down with dinner. My belly was probably ginormous, but it was all worth it.

After lunch, we walked up and down the strip. One of the guys is from the area and like a history buff. So, he gave us the inside scoop on all the buildings: whats happened, how often the attractions change, and everything else you could possibly want to know. It was crazy. He even said what age groups went where. We also rode the Roller Coaster at NY NY. It was so much fun, but if I had to wait in the two hour line it definitely would have not been worth it. Being in the military was definitely beneficial in this case.

The Only Picture of Me
After that, we went back to the room and got ready for the night. We went to the club XS. It was really nice. The inside part was super packed though and I don't think I could really see what the club looked like. The outside was a pool area. I just relaxed in the pool all night. I wore my bathing suit to the club just for that purpose. I really wanted to swim all day. I think because my roommates told me how fun the day parties are and I really wanted to go to one, but we just didn't have time. I think there was an Island in the middle of the pool, but I really didn't swim around the pool. So, I can't say if it was an Island or just the other side of the pool.

Drive Back
I wish I had more pictures to show you, but I really took like none. I can tell you though, that you shouldn't have your phone near you when you're by a pool in a club. I thought it would be really funny to push someone in. I thought I grabbed his phone, but it was really his wallet and before any of us could realize he was in the pool. I felt so bad, but in the moment I thought it was hilarious.

The next day we just suffered on the long ride back, but I definitely don't regret it. I was actually wishing we had another day to spend there. I think two days would be perfect, but hopefully, I'll know for sure after next time.

Have you guys ever been to Vegas? Let me know where, so, I know what I should do next time.

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