Monday, August 31, 2015

San Francisco: How Little I Know

A couple weekends ago, I spent the day in the city with a friend of mine who was in town visiting. As soon as I realized that I actually had to take him around and show him the city, I realized I had no idea what to show him. It did not help at all that he just spent a week in the city and had done absolutely everything a tourist can do.

I had zero ideas. I mean absolutely none. I asked everyone and I still had no idea. To make matters worse he had absolutely no idea what he even wanted to do for the day. So... here we are just sitting in my car having no idea where we're supposed to be going. I ended up just driving down town because he mentioned he needed new shoes. Which, he absolutely did because there was a hole in not one of his shoes, but both of them. So, we really just spent the day walking aimlessly around downtown. I feel really bad about it, but honestly the city isn't my scene at all.

Well, it isn't unless its 10 o'clock at night and its time to go to a club, but even then I've only been to a handful of them and my friends are the ones that told me about them. Basically, we didn't do that much and I feel pretty bad about it. We did have a really amazing lunch at Bucca di Beppo. I got the cheese macatonni or something like that and he got the chicken parmesan. You also have to keep in mind that these plates were meant for two people. So, we ordered food that was meant for 4 people and we ate it all. I definitely wish I had before and after pictures to show you.

After, that we were so tired and I was a little tipsy because I hadn't eaten anything except that all day. So, we went to the Metreon around the corner and saw Pixels. The movie was a lot funnier, however, the plot was pretty meh and towards the end I was ready for it to be over. Also, when it ended I realized I didn't get to nap, which was the whole purpose we went because the food and drinks made us tired.

We finally found him some vans he wanted in the Urban Outfitters of all places. Every running shoe he found he had an issue with it was actually kind of funny. He runs a lot. So, I guess if you run a lot your shoes rip. I'm not really sure because I try to run the least possible amount because I'm ridiculously slow.

We then went to the Burger Bar in the Macy's. It was pretty good. My Burger was decent nothing amazing, but it was a normally priced burger. So, I can't complain. When I was finished with my burger we left because it got a little crazy. When we got outside we saw that they were playing a movie. When he realized it was Toy Story he got super excited. So, we went over and watched the end of it. It actually was really cute. I kinda wish we got to see the whole thing, but it also was super crowded where the people were sitting. So, I don't know if I would of been down for that.

We then got a little lost in the city. But we eventually found Morton's Steakhouse. Which I've been to in Sacramento. He wanted to go inside, so... we went. He didn't realize how fancy it was until we sat down. We did have an amazing hot chocolate cake there. It was so good. I mostly liked the fudge part that was in the middle. It was amazing. The Moscow Mule there is also pretty good. Then we found our way to the car and we drove around to see the water.

We stopped at some random place on the other side of the ball park. It was actually kinda nice in a weird way. We then went up to Coit Tower to see the view at night. There were a ton of people there. I was really surprised. We stayed there for awhile and then went home. That was my day in San Francisco where the only thing I really showed him was Coit Tower.

I have lived less then an hour from San Francisco my whole life and I have no idea what to show people about San Francisco. I know nothing about San Francisco except tourist locations. I simply know all the big places. I really go to the city at night or go to the ball park or the mall. I don't even really like going to the mall. I really only like the first two places. So, if you're coming to San Francisco, don't ask me for the inside scoop on the city. I definitely feel the need to learn the area more, but I really have no reason to be in the city that much.

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