Friday, August 7, 2015

The Marine Corps

Since, I'm currently away on my two week AT with the Marines, I thought I would give you a little insight into why I joined the Marine Corps. When I was little, I was around Marines a lot. I was in the Golden Gate Young Marines.

Young Marine Retirement 
I started when I was 10 and I went about twice a month. It was the only activity I really did in high school until I got busy with work oh and school work. I met a lot of amazing people and got to do a lot of things many people didn't. It's definitely a time in my life I'd never want to take back.

However, I was always very adamant about what I wanted to do after high school. The Marine Corps wasn't for me, I played with the idea of doing NROTC, but making that big of a commitment just wasn't possible then. I really knew that college and my career would give me the life I wanted. I knew the power and control that activity duty always has over them because my sister Amanda was in. Plus, my sister Kristina in the reserves had a horrible experience and it felt that her life was always disrupted by it. 

Being a Marine was never something I had planned. It was something I participated in when I was a kid. However, as much as I love Davis and everything it had to offer, my friends, my education, activities, etc. Something in my life still didn't feel complete. I felt like something was missing.

After, my first quarter I started to play around with the idea of going reserve. I still wasn't really convinced, but it was something I was thinking about. However, by April, as summer approached I became positive that it was what I wanted to do. 

I walked to the ROTC office on campus and asked if they new where the Marine recruiting office was. They must of given me a  number or card or something because I got ahold of them. They came down to Davis and they laid out my options. However, they were really only pushing one date. I'd miss finals, I'd have to be a cook and it was in Fresno. All of which did not appease me. However, I wouldn't miss that much school, but at the end of the day it just wasn't the option of me. So, I told them no and they dropped off the face of the planet.

Marine Corps Graduation
I was really upset and so, I went to the recruiters closer To my parents house. My contract would continue even after j finished college. So, a duty station close by there made sense. I walked in told the recruiter I wanted to sign up, that I wanted to be close by and that I didn't miss much school. A week or two later on May 12, 2011 I signed my papers and took my oath. 

I really lucked out with my second recruiter. He knew what I wanted and knew he didn't have to babysit me. I also had no way to get anywhere unless he picked me up. So, I never had to go to PT sessions or attend Poolee functions. I think I only went to two things. My bootcamp date was supposed to be pushed back but, about a month before we found out they couldn't do it or didn't want to. I was in Davis at the time and my recruiter called to let me know and he said "I told understand if you want to drop. This isn't what you signed up for." However, I didn't. I knew being a Marine is what I wanted. I would of missed a little of school either way. So... on December 12th, 2011 I shipped out for Parris Island. 

I went through bootcamp and on March 9, 2012 I graduated. Both my parents flew out. It was one of the happiest days and it's something I'll never forget. 

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