Thursday, September 17, 2015

More Chicago

Saturday in Chicago my sister and I went site seeing or bar seeing. We went to a lot of restaurants. We woke up and went to Millennial Park. It was pretty cool. They have a roller rink and a rock climbing wall in the park. There's also a place for concerts and THE BEAN of course. At millennial park I even had a beer that is from Chicago. It was pretty good, but not the best beer I've ever had. I really like light beers.

After, we went to the Godfry, to a rooftop bar. It was really nice. We had a very interesting drink. It had ice that was tea and it was lemonade vodka I believe. It was delicious. I wish I could always have it when I go out. We didn't order any food there because it would of been super expensive.

Later, we rode bikes to the Chicago zoo. We got a little lost, but it was so much fun. I definitely recommend riding bikes through the city. Especially because unlike in San Francisco it didn't smell like pee or something else gross. Plus, the beach was right in the city and it looked like a nice beach. I was a little sad I only got to ride pass the beach and didn't get to go see it.

The zoo was pretty nice. I wish we had more time to look at it, but we didn't realize it was so late when we left and then we couldn't find where to put the bikes back. Plus, we were kinda tired of walking by that point. So, we ended up just relaxing for a little bit before we called an uber to Wrigleville. We basically lived in Ubers all weekend. It was kinda crazy.

 We ended up finding this amazing bar called Deuces. I definitely wish there was a bar around here like that. They had a tiny little pool fountain thing that was probably used a lot more at night, but I saw some guys in there and there was definitely a step to sit on. I would of tried it if I was in the right clothes, but it was really cool. I told Rebecca to go back again at night they even have a dance floor upstairs. Sounds like the perfect spot for me.

After Wrigleville, we headed back to her apartment to head out for the night. Our first stop was boys town. I can't remember the name of the club we went to. It was pretty fun, but it wasn't totally my scene. There was way too many people and it was louder then normal I feel like. I was not feeling it at all.

Our next stop was in River North. It was so much fun. I totally wish I remembered the name of the place, but I love it. The place was pretty small and they had a ton of bottle service tables which was weird, but i enjoyed just dancing. Plus, it was really easy to get drinks. I can't really explain what I liked about it, but I love it. I think Chicago is definitely a party place for me. And it was also amazing warm all day. However, I don't think I want to do the winter's there. It sounds like everyone goes into hiding over the winter which is bad enough here as it is.

What's the next city I should visit? Preferably with an amazing night scene. Let me know in the comments.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Friday Night in Chicago

I spent all day on two flights to Chicago. I woke up at 5am and didn't land in Chicago until 7pm. I was really excited to see my sister (Rebecca) so I wasn't tired at all. We went back to her house and just hung out while we got ready to go out.

I didn't feel like wearing any of my clothes. so I tried on a bunch of my sisters stuff. I was actually supposed to take some of the stuff back, but we ended up being too busy and we forgot. 

Anyways, some of her friends and her boyfriends friends were supposed to go out with us, but they ended up not. So we went downtown to Soundbar. However, when we got there it looked so dead. We saw this other club Shay as we drove up so, we walked around the corner to check it out. 

There was a line and it's apparently a pretty nice club but Rebecca had never been there before. We waited for like an hour as they let in hella bottle service tables since there was supposed to be some famous gambler there that night. 

They were finally about to let us in. Until they saw my ID. It's the old version of the California ID. He brought it back and told me I looked really young and that he would have to check with his manager. He came back and told me they wouldn't let me in. I was so mad. They wouldn't compare it or swipe it or anything. They said that they get a lot of fakes so they would rather just not let me in. 

So, we figured we'd go try Soundbar since it was right around the corner. They had a line now and after what happened. I didn't want to wait an hour before they could look at my ID. We asked the guy at the front if my ID would work. He said he wouldn't take it and that he was the manager. After, that we didn't think anywhere else would let me in and we headed home.

I was super bummed. I wanted to see what a club was like in Chicago. I also felt like 16 and was super worried that with my other ID they wouldn't let me in either. After that, I just brought my military and California ID everywhere. I ended up not getting carded at half the places I went to. It was ridiculous. 

That was my Friday night. How was yours? 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Getting Your Car Fixed

I recently had to get some body work done on my car and it was the biggest hassle in the world. While I was away for training with the Marines my brother decided he should take my car out and fender bender someone. It took like three weeks to get fixed. What made it even more stressful was that my parents said they would handle it, but they were taking forever doing it. I definitely thought it would all be taken care of while I was still gone, or at least in the shop all ready.

By the time I got home, They had just barely had it looked at and they wouldn't be getting the quote for another 3 days. We had no idea how long it would be in the shop for and we didn't know when we could take it in. My parents didn't seem to worried about.  Which was making me more frustrated because I had made plans for that weekend before I even left. So, if I had to take it in I had no idea what I was going to do. So, I was looking the 5 million different scenarios of what I would have to do.

Luckily, it ended up that we didn't have to take it in until the following Monday, but we still didn't know how long it would take and I always prefer my car over my moms. It ended up taking a whole week to get it fixed. I was so sad and I still wasn't talking to the body shop guy. So, it made it so much more stressful because my mom wasn't getting updates and finding out when it was going to be done. So, I had no idea when I would be able to get my car or anything. But it finally came back last Friday and I was the happiest girl in the world. It came back all shiny and pretty.

Moral of the story for me getting your car fixed definitely sucks. And I learned today that it will be going back very very shortly. I'm not looking forward to it at all. I'm hoping that everything won't take to long. The guy said the breaks should be fast, but I realized if I'm taking it in, I might as well get everything else that needs to be fixed fixed too. It probably needs a tune up, a oil change, my check engine light is on, but someone else is going to check that out. Plus, the guy said that I need to change my front tires before the rain comes in. Assuming it rains at all in California.

And all I went in for was more break fluid because my car freaked out the other day. I'm not sure when I'm going to get everything fixed, but he says I should definitely do the breaks ASAP. So, after I get the engine checked next week, I might go get that checked as well. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Planning a Last Minute Vacation

Planning a vacation in general is kind of stressful. Which is probably why I never do it in advance. Plus, to top it off, if you're going with a group of people finding activities everyone will enjoy will make it that much more stressful.

However, planning a vacation last minute to see my sister wasn't that bad. The hardest part was figuring out if I was going to go to Hawaii or not. I've been planning a trip to Hawaii forever because a lot of my friends are stationed there. However, the one I was supposed to stay with decided last minute that because they don't have a car that we wouldn't be able to do anything and I shouldn't go. I had a ton of ideas that what we could do to combat that, but they really weren't down. 

I contemplated going and just staying somewhere in Waikiki at an airbnb or something. However a vacation to Hawaii on my own and spending all that money last minute didn't seem appealing. I really want to go to Hawaii but I also really want to see it with people. So, I decided the trip would have to wait probably another year. 

However, I already had Friday and Monday off for labor day weekend and the tickets to visit my wonderful sister in Chicago were about the same price as flying to Hawaii. They actually ended up being cheaper. Win! 

Once, I decided I was going to go see my sister it really wasn't stressful at all I just needed to decide what I wanted to see in Chicago. She already played guide to my cousin about 6 months ago. So, she already knew what I should see pretty much. Plus, one whole day is ending up being taken up by a whole music festival. North Coast, I'm very excited. I've never been to one before. Like I'm beyond excited. All the money I saved on my flight went straight to that. :) plus there's free water. One it's going to be so hot and two I just love free stuff. 

So, that's how planning my last minute vacation went. Seems like family is the way to go when you do that. Have you ever planned a last minute vacation? Was it stressful?