Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Friday Night in Chicago

I spent all day on two flights to Chicago. I woke up at 5am and didn't land in Chicago until 7pm. I was really excited to see my sister (Rebecca) so I wasn't tired at all. We went back to her house and just hung out while we got ready to go out.

I didn't feel like wearing any of my clothes. so I tried on a bunch of my sisters stuff. I was actually supposed to take some of the stuff back, but we ended up being too busy and we forgot. 

Anyways, some of her friends and her boyfriends friends were supposed to go out with us, but they ended up not. So we went downtown to Soundbar. However, when we got there it looked so dead. We saw this other club Shay as we drove up so, we walked around the corner to check it out. 

There was a line and it's apparently a pretty nice club but Rebecca had never been there before. We waited for like an hour as they let in hella bottle service tables since there was supposed to be some famous gambler there that night. 

They were finally about to let us in. Until they saw my ID. It's the old version of the California ID. He brought it back and told me I looked really young and that he would have to check with his manager. He came back and told me they wouldn't let me in. I was so mad. They wouldn't compare it or swipe it or anything. They said that they get a lot of fakes so they would rather just not let me in. 

So, we figured we'd go try Soundbar since it was right around the corner. They had a line now and after what happened. I didn't want to wait an hour before they could look at my ID. We asked the guy at the front if my ID would work. He said he wouldn't take it and that he was the manager. After, that we didn't think anywhere else would let me in and we headed home.

I was super bummed. I wanted to see what a club was like in Chicago. I also felt like 16 and was super worried that with my other ID they wouldn't let me in either. After that, I just brought my military and California ID everywhere. I ended up not getting carded at half the places I went to. It was ridiculous. 

That was my Friday night. How was yours? 

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