Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Planning a Last Minute Vacation

Planning a vacation in general is kind of stressful. Which is probably why I never do it in advance. Plus, to top it off, if you're going with a group of people finding activities everyone will enjoy will make it that much more stressful.

However, planning a vacation last minute to see my sister wasn't that bad. The hardest part was figuring out if I was going to go to Hawaii or not. I've been planning a trip to Hawaii forever because a lot of my friends are stationed there. However, the one I was supposed to stay with decided last minute that because they don't have a car that we wouldn't be able to do anything and I shouldn't go. I had a ton of ideas that what we could do to combat that, but they really weren't down. 

I contemplated going and just staying somewhere in Waikiki at an airbnb or something. However a vacation to Hawaii on my own and spending all that money last minute didn't seem appealing. I really want to go to Hawaii but I also really want to see it with people. So, I decided the trip would have to wait probably another year. 

However, I already had Friday and Monday off for labor day weekend and the tickets to visit my wonderful sister in Chicago were about the same price as flying to Hawaii. They actually ended up being cheaper. Win! 

Once, I decided I was going to go see my sister it really wasn't stressful at all I just needed to decide what I wanted to see in Chicago. She already played guide to my cousin about 6 months ago. So, she already knew what I should see pretty much. Plus, one whole day is ending up being taken up by a whole music festival. North Coast, I'm very excited. I've never been to one before. Like I'm beyond excited. All the money I saved on my flight went straight to that. :) plus there's free water. One it's going to be so hot and two I just love free stuff. 

So, that's how planning my last minute vacation went. Seems like family is the way to go when you do that. Have you ever planned a last minute vacation? Was it stressful? 

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