Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Sorry, I've kinda dropped off the planet, but September was crazy busy for me. And sadly I took very limited pictures. However, it does make it easy to do a picture post to sum up my last month. This post will also include the first weekend of October. 

As you know, I spent the first weekend of September in the Windy City with my sister Rebecca. It was an amazing weekend. I miss her so much already and can't wait to see all my sisters together again. 

The 11th and 12th of September I spent my weekend with the Marines. We did a Lance Corporal Seminar all weekend. Which wasn't as nearly boring as I thought it was going to be. Most classes in the marines are death by powerpoint. I'm not saying the seminar was much better, but we at least didn't have to stare at a powerpoint all day. 

On September 17th, I ended up going out with my friends to Walnut Creek. I didn't take any pictures out. We went to Redux. It was alright. It wasn't the best night to be there. I did find out that my guy friend owns a Hollister sweater. Excuse my language in the picture. I tried Hookah, it felt like absolutely nothing except a waste of time. So, i don't foresee me ever going out to do it for fun. 

On the 24th on a Thursday we went out to Infusion. It was so much. And I ran into this amazing girl. I could not believe she was out too. We turned up way to much for a Thursday, but to do once in a while it was definitely worth it. We celebrated one of my friends birthday. We actually did that Thursday and Friday. It was a really good weekend. It was definitely worth it. The Picture on The right is how that night ended. Eating for the second time after the bar closed at Denny's. We had to have our bacon wrapped tacos right after the club closed. 

Friday Night we went out to The Park in Sac. It was so much fun. I always miss the park. I definitely missed it, but I probably won't be back any time soon. I was told we're going to try out the South Bay more. He went out again on Saturday. So, I would say he had a really good weekend. 

This past weekend it was time for me to go do my Marine Corps weekend again. I knew I was getting promoted, but I didn't think it would be this weekend. However, my promotion warrant ended up coming in on time. I had one of my friends come down to San Jose and promote. It was really nice of him to come since he was only there for like 10 mins and our friend that was supposed to come with him wasn't able to make it.