Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Skydiving Adventures

So, you would think a skydiving adventure would involve exactly that, skydiving. However, it did the exact opposite. It involved driving to a skydiving location and then preceding to not go skydiving, it definitely was not for a lack of trying though.

As you may remember, my friend and I bought our Groupon coupons months ago because we planned on going during the summer and I planned on it being my graduation present to myself. Well.... it took forever to get ahold of the company meaning we weren't able to literally get ahold of them. So, we contacted Groupon and they had the company contact us.

We scheduled our appointment and then we went on to go skydiving. We even confirmed our appointment before driving up there. We were on the schedule and everything. I was beyond excited and I could not wait to go skydiving. However, we got there and we weren't on the schedule. We were beyond confused. At least, I was. So, we call the number where we got our reservation from and it was a different sky diving company. (I take zero blame because I never talked to the company before this).

The company Groupon had call us was 4 hours away from where we were. So, even if we wanted to sky dive that day it would of been impossible. But, it ended up being that we just hung out all day and had a really fun time. We stopped for some food and drinks and Chevy's which I realized I love. Like, its basically, just a better Chili's. (side note:My friends love Chili's if they loved Chevy's I would probably be so down.)

We started with a grande bulldog which was amazing. I got strawberry, it was delicious. I definitely recommend it. We also got like 3 bar bites for only $12. We got a quesadilla, boneless wings, and chili fries. The chili fries were to die for. I would get them again in a second. The wings were good, but I prefer bone in and the quesadilla was as amazing as all quesadillas are. Then we got large jack and cokes. Those were also really good.

Between all the food and drinks I was on the phone arguing with Groupon about the fact that they screwed up and were refusing to give us any compensation for it. All, they original said they could give us was our money back. When I finally got to talk to the manager which was after like 3 attempts of trying to talk to her. The best she could dow as give us our money back and a $15 credit. Which is still like nothing, but I guess at least we got something. Basically, I'm really not happy with Groupon right now, but by then I was less annoyed because we had food and drinks.

Then we started our hour long drive to my house. We did have to stop like halfway home because I really needed to pee. So, if you're my size and drink that much I definitely recommend not having to drive that far. I even went before I left. Before getting home we stopped at Lazy Dog. I had a sweet tea lemonade which I thought was gonna be like a long island and taste nothing like tea. No, it tasted everything like tea and it was not good. I definitely do not recommend it. Well... if you like tea it was probably good, but for people who hate tea definitely not for you.

And that was the end of my day, but I did go out later and have a really fun time in the city. And I didn't even go to the club. Despite the drama of that day it was definitely a success. 


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