About me

Hi! That's me to the right. I'm Samantha a 23 year old college student and Marine reservist. I'm a political science major at UC Davis in Davis, CA. I originally started this blog last year at my sister Kristina's recommendation. She said maybe it would help me find out what I like or want to do with my life. 

So, it originally focused on my search to find what truly interests me and what to do with my life. It still does that to a certain extent. I hate trying new places because I'm always worried they will be no good. It doesn't matter if it's a restaurant, bar, or even a bowling alley. No one likes to go somewhere and then not enjoy it or have a good time. I've noticed that often times it depends on who you're going out with or what you want to do. 

My aim for my blog is to share with you my experience at bars and restaurants. Which ones are good or bad. What days you should go, the vibe they have, and maybe even what food you should try. 

All this information is sprinkled in with the things I do in my daily life. Whether its work, school, or even my family. Sometimes I'll share with you recipes I try, my clothing choices (which aren't always good), and simply just a lot of what I do and think. I really hope you enjoy it and find it helpful and interesting. My blogs a lot like me a little scatterbrained, but in a good way of course. 

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